Rachel LaRen – Cowboys Don’t Change EP

Rachel LaRen - Cowboys Don't Change



4.2/5 Pros

  • Very good storytelling
  • Entertaining listen

A new artist with just some 400 followers on Facebook: scanning the new releases as of 17th of June, I ran into Cowboys Don’t Change, the debut EP by Rachel LaRen. I felt her sound is special and worth having a deeper listen. Here is my review.


Rachel LaRen – About The Artist

Unfortunately, I could not find too much about Rachel LaRen. She is a Texas origin country music artist. In 2021, she started to release music. Her first two singles were Jesus and Me and Common Man. Thereby, she had two major success songs so far: her debut Jesus and Me has already been streamed about a quarter million times on Spotify so far, while the leading single of Cowboys Don’t Change, John Wayne has been streamed some 140k times on the platform so far.


Rachel LaRen – Cowboys Don’t Change – Track by Track

The six track EP lasts 18 minutes.

1. Fly

The EP opens with the mid-tempo song Fly. I like Rachel’s voice in here, even though it has a bit of a whiny touch. Good, straight country song, which nicely focuses on the vocal side.

2. John Wayne

John Wayne is the big song of Cowboys don’t change so far. The first notes really give a classic Western movie atmosphere – and Rachel LaRen continues with a nice slower country melody with a nice traditional finish. Beautiful listen, not only for fans for traditional country music tunes.

3. Cotton Candy Sky

From entertainment legends to looking into sky. Again, the song is a rather intimate, slow one. When I die, paint me a cotton candy sky – hope that this event is still a couple of decades away.

4. Pipe Down

After three rather slow and quiet tracks, Pipe Down is the proof that Rachel LaRen is also able to do other tunes. The song is at most mid-tempo again, but the stomping-marching rhythm simply catches you and makes you move. Very good work on the drums and the bass. The result is a song, which touches you – even though it is not a top-class write. I definitely like that country-pop episode on Cowboys Don’t Change.

5. Darlin’

When he wakes me in the morning, he always calls me Darlin’ – the fifth song is a beautiful praise to love and being loved. The most beautiful lyrics on the EP – and a good pick for your “Romantic Country Music moments” playlist.

6. Out of the Ashes

The electric guitars have some stronger presence again in this closing track. The song is a lovely write. Not a party song at all, but a beautiful story and a good listen.


Rachel LaRen – Cowboys Don’t Change – Track by Track

Here are the songs on Spotify:


Rachel LaRen – Cowboys Don’t Change – Track by Track

Rachel LaRen presents herself as a great storyteller of intimate, personal stories. Only the opener and Pipe Down have a bit of an uplifting potential. This does not turn this set of six songs to a bad or boring listen. Just a bit more demanding, but also fascinating. I definitely like Cowboys Don’t Change.


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