Burn Down Eden – Burn Down Eden

Burn Down Eden - Burn Down Eden



4.0/5 Pros

  • Powerful melodic death metal
  • High quality of vocals and instruments Cons

  • Partially a bit of monotonous

Even though their press package praises them as the new German lead in the melodic death metal scene, I have to admit that I had limited knowledge about Burn Down Eden. The more, however, the first tunes I listened of their third-album, convinced me to have a complete look into it and share it with you. The album is self-titled and will be released on 26th March 2021.


Burn Down Eden – About The Artists

Burn Down Eden is a Melodic Death Metal band, which has been found in 2014 in Berlin, but it feels now to be located in Dresden. After a debut EP in 2015, the released their first album Ruins of Oblivion in 2016, followed by Liberticidal in 2018. I am not fully sure about the lineup of the band, as their website shows a bunch of “former member”. According to that, the band is lead by singer Pether, having Marco on the bass and Christian “Kri” Grabenbauer on the Drums. There are, however, two additional band members.


Burn Down Eden – Burn Down Eden – Track by Track

The ten track album lasts 38 minutes.

1. Sadomasochists From Beyond the Grave

The light sounds of an acoustic guitar at the beginning of the song almost felt like an issue with the promotion platform I have been used. But after some thirty seconds, the heavy guitars tell me I am right here. Welcome to the Sadomasochists From Beyond the Grave. The song starts powerful and reminds me of big names of the genre. Or using the words of the band

You’re praying for salvation to a god that you betrayed
in order to experience another more perverted fate
soul seperation, the transgression of a shell
(we bid you welcome) this is the fucking living hell

2. A Prepper’s Prophecy

A bunker built in my backyard
This is the project I will start
To survive the end of the world – ahead
Guns and ammo stacks I’ll need
Cans and noodles and some weed
I will hoard – and you will be dead

The guitars and the drums are going for full speed, Pether is grunting and shouting the lyrics into the mike. A Prepper’s Prophecy is a lot of fun for fans of the genre.

3. Bizarre Circus

I better don’t quote the lyrics of the Bizarre Circus – will likely end up in a couple of website blockers. Maybe just to give you a flavor of comparably non-adult-friends verses

You viking fool drink piss out of his horn
Swing the sword and fool the hordes
This ugly child Freya aborts
into the toilets of Valhalla!

If you do not take these methaphors too hard, Burn Down Eden is a lot of fun!

4. A Bloody Pool of Angels

On the fourth track, Burn Down Eden continue their style: nice storytelling, a long of power and finally a very catching performance. A really good band.

5. Witch’s Scorn

Witch’s Scorn has been one of three songs which have already been available quite well before the album. I like the song as it also comes with some very quiet moments – which I believe is just beautiful in death metal songs. Nice contrastingly atmospheric parts.

6. Abducted Reality

Please – wake me up – take me away
free me from this curse – I’m feeling trapped in this
loop made of uniformity

The chorus of this one will be one of the highlights for the fans on the band on their next tour. Catching sing-along track with good melodic parts well.

7. Hurricane of Greed

Bad luck that the drums are mixed relatively quiet on this track – in some sections of the songs, Christian Grabenbauer is doing an an incredible job with his feet and his drumsticks. A nice headbanger, especially during the solo.

8. Law Enforcement Ubermensch

Law Enforcement Ubermensch comes surprisingly melodic and focused on the instruments rather than on the vocals. A nice showcase for the band.

9. The Five Horsemen

The video of The Five Horsemen is definitely promising – and the song is great as well. To me, the single release is the best track of the album.

10. Encounters of the Unknown

All these selfish ridden years
Within the planetary sphere
Have come to a sudden end
Judgment day is near

The album closes with powerful and dark sounds, reminding of the middle part of the album. A nice way to change between different sections and to have a dialog in the song. Good track!


Burn Down Eden – Burn Down Eden – Spotify

Here is the album on Spotify:


Burn Down Eden – Burn Down Eden – My View

Definitely, Burn Down Eden do well. The album is powerful and shows the high level of talent of the band. There could be more different elements, more melodic parts, but overall, Burn Down Eden is a lot of fun for the headbanger guild. If you like death metal, give this act from Germany a chance.


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