1476 – In Exile

1476 - In Exile



4.3/5 Pros

  • Nice concept between hard metal and gentle melodic parts
  • Overall, very balanced songs Cons

  • Some tracks feel too lengthy

It took the duo 1476 six years to release a new album. The US-American project publishes In Exile on 7th July 2023. I ran into the songs on a promotion platform and felt to share them with you.


1476 – About The Artists

1476 is a art rock and post-black metal duo from Salem in Massachusetts, USA. The band name is thereby linked to a song written by one of the band members, Robb Kavjian. Together with Neil DeRosa, they drive the band since 2007. However, the release before In ExileOur Season Draws Near, has already been released six years ago in 2017.


1476 – In Exile – Track by Track

The eleven song album lasts 62 mintues.

1. Lost In Exile

The  album features rather hard rocking sounds as well as gentle compositions. The opener Lost In Exile, though, feels angry and has elements of folk metal and black metal. Nonetheless, the melodic elements are in focus so that it is even a good listen for rock music lovers.

2. Lapis Fire: Through The Mist

After the 7:23 minute opener, Lapis Fire: Through The Mist is less than five minutes. It is a melancholic rock song. You might need some tissues while listening – but only due to the sad mood. The sound is cool. I like the leverage between rocking guitars and easily played keyboard melodies.

3. Tristesse In Exile

The ukulele-alike intro of Tristesse In Exile leads to a very nice ease, while you start listening to the third song. The swaying style of the chorus rather makes you feel listening to a folk-pop song. The voice of Robb Kavjian, though, brings your soul back into the rock mood.

4. Jade Fire: A Paragon

The first single release on the album again opens with folk-ish, medieval style sounds. However, the chorus introduces a darker element to In Exile, which leads to a very interesting and entertaining listen. Definitely a good one.

5. When Comes The Dawn?

The fifth track is one of the most beautiful rides of the album to me. The US-Americans take their time and develop a main theme and a plot over a total duration of 6:31 minutes. The first 90 second are instrumental only. Lovely write about the struggle what the next day, the next step will have in store for your life.

6. May Mountains Never Fall

May Mountain Never Fall alters between metal parts and very melodic sections. Nonetheless, the breaks don’t feel artificial and the transitions are harmonic. Really nice one.

7. Where Kings Fall

The seventh track is rather heading towards folk-rock sounds, However, there are not too many louder guitar sections. Kavjian on the vocal side does one of his rather intense vocal performances. Unfortunately, Where Kings Fall feels a bit too lengthy to me.

8. A Queen In Exile

Even though A Queen In Exile does have slower and melodic parts as well, the song is rather a nice pick for metal lovers. The song is really pushing forward and his having a good vibe. These are the key reasons why I like it.

9. Beyond The Meadows, Beyond The Moors

The ninth tracks is one of the most intense listens of the album. Despite the 3:46 minutes song is the shortest of the album, it leaves a mark. It feels like being full of struggle taking the right decision. The song also comes with an interesting arrangement, as the instruments have a stronger presence than the vocal parts.

10. Carnelian Fire: The Gallows

The tenth song lasts six minutes – but 1476 does not even think about giving us a slow starter. The guitars are dominating the track. The song is aggressive, has some garage rock elements, but is much harder than you would expect from that genre. Like a young and wild metal mustang with a very individual profile. Very nice one.

11. Where Are You?

For the last almost eight minutes, the duo asks Where Are You?.After the hard rocker right before, this one is tender, gentle and emphasizes the instruments rather than the lyrics (there is in fact quite a lot of repetition of the Where Are You? key phrase in here). Again, the song feels a bit too long to me – even though I somehow like the way it breaks and changes into a coda.


1476 – In Exile – Spotify

Here is the album on Spotify:


1476 – In Exile – Track by Track

Even though some parts of the album feel a bit too long to me, I overall really love listening to In Exile. The duo creates a nice, entertaining sound with harder parts and very melodic sections. Good to have them back in the record stores and online!


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