Tyler Farr – Only Truck in Town EP

Tyler Farr - Only Truck In Town



2.8/5 Pros

  • Four good songs
  • Nice songs Cons

  • Three of the songs are extremely close to each other
  • Short, no variety

Five years after the release of his last album, Tyler Farr is back on the virtual and physical CD trays. On 5th June 2020, he released his EP Only Truck In Town, which has been produced by Jason Aldean.


Tyler Farr – About The Artist

Tyler Lynn Farr was born on 5th February 2020 in Garden City, Missouri. He has a Missouri State University degree in voice and then went to Nashville to write and perform songs. His first release was a BNA Records EP called Camouflage in 2010. His debut album was Redneck Crazy. The 2013 one made it to the Top 5 of the US and US Country Charts, majorly driven by the title track, which has been quite successful. Two years later, he released Suffer In Peace, at which A Guy Walks Into The Bar was the most successful single. That was his last album so far. Farr released some singles thereafter independently from albums or EPs, but none of them made a US Country chart entry – some of them had some average airplay chart placements, at least.


Tyler Farr – Only Truck In Town – Track by Track

The four songs on this EP take 12 minutes.

1. Only Truck in Town

When she climbs inside, slides up tight
Says, “Baby, I ain’t nothin’ but yours tonight”
I’m like the only wheels rollin’, the only party goin’
The only neon glowin’
Like I’m the only radio playin’ her song
Only shotgun seat with a backroad window rolled down
Yeah, she makes me feel like I’m the only truck in town

I am not sure whether I want my wife to make me feel that I’m the only truck in town (maybe she even thinks of me being a heavy haulage one…), but if you just put this picture into the folder “American country romance”, the title track of the EP is a really nice one. I really love the raspy voice  to that track.

2. Soundtrack To A Small Town Sundown

Ooops, I did it again? The Soundtrack To A Small Town Sundown is not too far away from the truck romance in the title track. A good song, but does not really feel like something new.

3. I Wish Dogs Could Live Forever

If you a die-hard musician, you will not that I Wish Dogs Could Live Forever is a bit slower that the two songs before (I at least strongly believe that I am hard in that…), but apart from that I keep switching between the songs… Are they really that similar in their melody, their structure? Just a bit sad, because apart from that I still think what I would feel when my wife would call me a truck, I like the stories behind the songs. Woof!

4. Heaven On Dirt

The song with the biggest melodic variety is definitely Heaven On Dirt – unfortunately the shortest track on this EP (the difference between the shortest and longest one is 16 second… So the songs are uniform in that way as well). A bit of pleasing finish.


Tyler Farr – Only Truck In Town – Spotify



Tyler Farr – Only Truck In Town – My View

Two melodies, four songs, 12 minutes. Each track of the Only Truck In Town EP by itself is not a bad track at all, but the total set list of this recorded show is just a bit too thin. Bad luck, Tayler Farr shows that he is a great artist, a catching voice – and his stories are nice. But that’s just not all.


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