Sandie Wollasch – Women’s Choice

Sandie Wollasch - Women's Choice



4.7/5 Pros

  • Great storytelling
  • Very nice balance of vocals and instruments

I typically receive quite a lot of jazz promotion. However, I rarely find albums and EPs which I really enjoy at first sight, so that I feel I should share them with you. The album Women’s Choice by German singer Sandie Wollasch is one of them, definitely. Here are my thoughts about the release, which has been published on 15th March 2024.


Sandie Wollasch – About The Artist

Sandie Wollasch was born on 7th January 1972. She is nowadays living in Karlsruhe. The singer is looking back to 25 years of a musical career. Even though she is nowadays during jazz, she had a journey through a lot of genres. For example, she was part of Six Was Nine, a pop and soul music band even supporting Tina Turner on on e of her tours. A very successful collaboration with her is the jazz-pop quartet Triband, which received quite a lot of reputation. ,


Sandie Wollasch – Women’s Choice – Track by Track

The eight song album lasts 38 minutes.

1. It has to feel good

Organ and bass sounds lead to a lovely groove in this opening songs. In the chorus, Wollasch is supported by background choir, which leads to a nice touch. It has to feel good comes with catching vibes. The song definitely has a jazzy heart, but is also worth a listen if you are not too much in the genre. The sprinkles of pop and soul turns the opener into a very easy to digest and lovely listen. Could be a great song in a musical, by the way, couldn’t it?

2. And he could kiss

The second song comes with rushed drums, laid back bass lines and a very intimate and personal vocal style. Or short: it feels much more like a jazz track than the more “universal” opener. The beautiful vocal performance and the good storytelling leads to a very catching listen. I like the flute and brass parts on the instrumental side.

3. Not for Everyday Use

Love is not for everyday use
Love is not for everyday use
It’s preccious, it wild
Shouldn’t be subdued
‘Cause love is not for everyday use

The piano is in the lead of the instrumental part of Not for Everyday Use. This again leads to a very personal and direct listen. The warm and gentle singing by the artist is increasing this feeling a lot. While the song starts very quiet, there are more energetic parts in this song as well. A treaty for jazz lovers, but also a good one for scattered consumers like me.

4. Good Woman

The album takes time to tell its stories – even though that means that there are fewer of them on Women’s Choice. The fourth song Good Woman is a great example for that. The 6:23 minute track slowly builds up its message and again makes use of the background singers. In its core parts, the song becomes very soulful and even has a bit of a gospel touch. The beautiful plot sucks you into the song and its empowering story.

5. Let him go

The next two songs deal with the feelings of a breakup. Let him go thereby does come with instrumental parts, but overall focuses on Wollasch and the lyrics. The German artist is thereby having her maybe best and most persuading performance of this album.

6. I was wrong

I always thought that I could safe you from falling, but, oooh, I was wrong are the first words of I Was Wrong. The melancholic song shows a very fragile side of Women’s Choice. It is full of struggle, which is also nicely supported by the instruments, which create a sad, but also dramatic atmosphere. Wollasch thereby finds a nice leverage between narrating parts and pure instrumental ones, which underline the painful feelings.

7. Miracle Healer

Sometimes, only a Miracle Healer can help. That’s somehow the optimistic message at the end of the album, as the eighth track rather feels like a bonus track. While the song kicks off in the mood of Let Him Go and I was wrong, there are more positive vibes towards the end of the song. ‘Cause I’m a miracle healer and I reach out again. A beautiful song, which is majorly driven by the piano but also has some nice bass parts.

8. It has to feel good (radio edit)

The album is closing with the radio edit of the opener. I enjoyed to listen to the full 5:28 minutes of the album version. The shortened radio edit is less jazzy and more mainstream – and also almost two minutes shorter.


Sandie Wollasch – Women’s Choice – Spotify

Here is the album on Spotify:


Sandie Wollasch – Women’s Choice – My View

Even though I am not a jazz expert, I just have to say that I adore this album. Wollasch and her masterful voice is leading through very personal, but also emporing and energetic stories. The songs concentrate on the message and are perfectly driven by her band.

Favorite Song: Not for Everyday Use


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