Chris Shiflett – Lost At Sea

Chris Shiflett - Lost At Sea



4.7/5 Pros

  • Great country/Americana rock album
  • Very own, personal style
  • Very fluent, good listen

The Foo Fighters’ guitarist is doing solo music again: on 20th October 2023, Chris Shiflett is releasing Lost At Sea. The album is already his fifth solo album overall. As it also comes with a nice country music touch, I just had to give you a deeper insight into it.


Chris Shiflett – About The Artist

Chrisopher Aubrey Shiflett was born on 6th May 1971 in Santa Barbara on the California Pacific coast. His has two elder brothers. They are all musicians. Chris, however, also was very talented in soccer, but decided to go for music in teenage years. In 1999, he joined the Foo Fighters and is a member of the band since then. However, Shiflett has been part of other bands as well. The most prominent one is likely Me First and the Gimme Gimmes. The punk rock supergroup released five studio albums. On the solo side, Shiflett started to release albums in 2010. Chris Shiflett’s first two albums have been recorded the band The Dead Peasants.


Chris Shiflett – Lost At Sea – Track by Track

The ten song album lasts 35 minutes.

1. Dead And Gone

I have to admit that i haven’t been into Chris Shiflett’s solo material before this review at all. The more I was surprised by the first tunes of Dead and Gone. You definitely hear that this guy also has a darker, rocking soul inside his music heart, but the song is a cool listen. Great blending.

2. Overboard

The most recent single release Overboard touched me quite much. This was not too much because it felt so country-alike, but especially the chorus reminds me of some good, old Tom Petty songs. Shiflett delivers a straight, good song with a chorus, which stays in your mind.

3. Black Top White Lines

The third song is a nice stomping rocker with a strong country and Americana attitude. If the artist wouldn’t have used the song on his own album, it might be a great one to please the listener of a Z.Z.Top album. After three songs, I am definitely in my personal comfort zone.

4. Damage Control

With Damage Control, the speed of the album is definitely reducing. The song rather feels like a day at a sunny beach than like a road trip to Nashville. However, the fourth track also has a cool, laid back groove, which adds a lot to your personal enjoyment

5. Weigh You Down

If you are a closer follower of Shiflett’s music, you might increase you attention a bit now. With Weigh You Down, the US-American is kicking off the second part of the album, presenting six not yet released songs. Weigh You Down might not be the most striking listen at first sound, but the more you get into it, the more you love its beautiful hook. And you ask yourself whether country boots might also be appropriate for your nex Foo Fighters concert.

6. Burn The House Down

Yee-haw, this house is burning, indeed. Shiflett is presenting a straight roots rocker with a nice, a bit of dark, cool groove. And he is adding Bruce Springsteen on the list of artists, about whom I think while listening to Lost At Sea. 

7. Where’d Everybody Go?

If you like blues rock, Where’d Everybody Go? might be your personal gateway to the album. The 4:22 minute track is also one of my absolute favorites on this album. And I am sure that people don’t go too far away from their sound device – the song is a nice one.

8. I Don’t Trust My Memories Anymore

I would push I Don’t Trust My Memories Anymore into the role of the inevitable ballad of the album. You might argue that it is not exactly a ballad, but it is softer and more gentle than the other songs in here. And it comes with a lot of nice emotions.

9. Carrie Midnight Texas Queen

The title of the ninth song perfectly matches the song. Carrie Midnight Texas Queen is indeed a Texas-style country rocker, which is not lacking a touch of nostalgia as well. After two beers, you can easily sing-a-long to the chorus in your local saloon… or at the next Chris Shiflett concert.

10. Parties

Are we there yet already? Parties is closing the album. The song is having the strongest reference to one of Shiflett’s main genres, punk rock. Thus, it maybe just the right vibe to thankfully leave the sphere of Chris’ solo music and look forward to future Foo Fighters listens.


Chris Shiflett – Lost At Sea – Spotify

Here is the album on Spotify:


Chris Shiflett – Lost At Sea – My View

I am really glad that I gave this one a deeper listen. Chris Shiflett absolutely surprised me (in a positive manner). There is bit of Foo Fighters spirit in this album, but overall, he is presenting a great set of songs with a lovely Americana touch. Thus, it feels like a perfect release for a review.

Favorite Song: Black Top White Lines


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