Emirsian – Lezoon

Emirsian - Lezoon



4.0/5 Pros

  • Interesting fusion of German and Armenian music
  • Great lyrics

Music by a German artist with Armenian roots – I am always curious when it comes to have a listen to very new music experience. The artist behind that, Emirsian, is however not at all a stranger in the German music scene. Even under the Emirsian label, it is already his fifth album. Lezoon will be available from 21st May 2021.


Emirsian – About The Artists

Emirsian is the artist name of Aren Emirze, a Frankfurt-based singer and guitarist. He influenced the German music scene especially with the noise rock band Harmful. From their beginning in 1992 to end of the project in 2014, he was part of the active trio, which released a total of ten albums. Thereafter, the artist with Armenian background has been parts in several other bands and projects. Under the name Emirsian, Emirze has already released four albums as well. The debut A Gentle Kind Of Disaster is dated as of 2006, the latest is called Papak (2016). These albums are unfortunately not available on streaming platforms, though.


Emirsian – Lezoon – Track by Track

The ten track album lasts 32 minutes.

1. Zerschlagenes Herz

The opening track is already pointing into the direction of the whole album Lezoon. The basis for Zerschlagenes Herz (“Smashed heart”) is a poem by German musician Konstantin Wecker, which Emirsian partially translated into his native language. An interesting mix of Armenian and German, accompanied by gentle folk tunes (majorly acoustic guitar). Lovely song.

2. Ovder

I am not fully sure if the song is called Ovder (as in my track list) or Ov Der (as in the press kit). Again, a poem is the basis for the song – this time, it is an Armenian original. A song about giving everything for love. Even though it is obviously impossible for me to get the lyrics, I just love to listen to the gentle, a bit of fairy-tale alike sound of the music.

3. Lezoon

The third song is the title track, which translates to “language”. A song, which is based on lyrics by Armenian poet Vahan Tekeyan. It is dealing with the importance of language, the importance of its structures and complexities. A song which has elements of rock and pop and comes with a very lovely atmosphere.

4. Gouzem

Gozem has been written after a break-up. It is, however, not melancholic at all, but powerful, energetic. A nice world music-folk style song.

5. Lichtjahre

The lyrics to this song have been written by Moses Schneider, who did that song for his own band project. Emirsian ran into these lyrics and decided to do his very own version of this song. Wir sind Lichtjahre voneinander entfernt – “We are light-years seperated from each other”. While the song has a rather mystical touch in the Emirsian version, his sound fascinates me. Good listen.

6. Einer von uns

Einer von uns is a very pop-ish addition to Lichtjahre (and thus, another song performed in German). A song about falling in love with with someone. The song is rather short, just 1:48 minutes, but it leaves its marks in the memory of the listener.

7. Yerp Bidi Kidnas

The seventh song (“When will you finally know?”) is one of the most catching songs of the album to me – it almost comes with a touch of country pop. An easy and entertaining song.

8. Verchin Toure (feat. Serj Tankian)

The last three songs of the album are featuring other artists. This song with Serj Tankian, a friend of Emirsian, starts rather whistful, but then seems to add some more positive energy and positivity.

9. End of Time (feat. Aydo Abay)

In fact the album does not only contain German and Armenian, but also English lyrics. The reason is this collaboration with Aydo Abay, a German artist with Turkish roots from the Greater Cologne area. A very interesting collaboration, which comes with very different moods within 3:22 minutes.

10. Wolken (feat. Veron)

In the late 1970’s, Andrea Jürgens song Und dabei liebe ich Euch beide (“But finally I love you both”) was some sort of scandal track in Germany. The reason was that young Jürgens featured the split and divorce of her parents from a kid’s perspective. Wolken (“Clouds”), which Emirsian recorded with his daughter Veron, is telling a similar story. A song about missing one part of the parents and keeping him/her in your heart. I have to admit, I initially have been rather confused about the track – but the more I listened to it, the more I loved it. Great songwriting – the song has already been recorded (but not released) four years before the album, when Veron was eight years old.


Emirsian – Lezoon – Spotify

Here is Lezoon on Spotify:


Emirsian – Lezoon – My View

The more I listened to Lezoon, the more I enjoyed listening to the songs, got into the lyrics (or at least: the atmosphere of the songs). If you are willing to invest some time into it, not just listening to it once while doing laundry or cooking dinner, you might enjoy the fascination of Emirsian’s music as much as I did. Really nice album! in Frankfurt

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