Belinda Carlisle – Kismet EP



4.1/5 Pros

  • Five really nice songs
  • Nostalgic feelings

Circle in the Sand or Heaven is a Place on Earth – Belinda Carlisle wrote songs, which have closely accompanied in my younger life. The more I was flattered to run into her latest EPKismet. The US-American artist releases the five songs on 12th May 2023.


Belinda Carlisle – About The Artist

Belinda Jo Carlisle was born in Los Angeles on 17th August 1958. She had her first major merits in the music scene as part of the rock band The Go-Go’s, which she founded in 1978. The band is still acttive, even though their last album is dated as of May 2001. They have been especially popular in the USA, but also in Canada and Sweden. Carlisle’s solo single debut was Mad About You n 1986, which topped the Canadian charts and got a golden record there. Her international breakthrough was her second album Heaven on Earth and the leading single Heaven Is A Place on Earth, which topped the charts in the USA, Ireland, Sweden, Switzerland or the United Kingdom. Until the mid-1990’s, Carlisle had scattered golden records. Later she had infrequent releases like the 2007 album Voila or Wilder Shores some ten years later. Kismet is the first major release after this 2017 album.


Belinda Carlisle – Kismet – Track by Track

The five song EP lasts 18 minutes

1. Big Big Love

I featured the opener already in my 17th March 2023 Songs of the Week. Doesn’t it sound so much 1980’s? Good pop song with a nice vibe and a very familiar-feeling style.

2. If U Go

If U Go is my favorite song of the album. It has a nice balance of nostalgia and modern sound. The chorus, however, is the real core and blast of the song. Belinda Carlisle makes me smile… Just like 35 years ago.

3. Deeper Into You

Deeper Into You is a very melodic song. However, it sometimes feels to lack a bit of energy while listening to it. On the other hand, it is really a balanced and harmonic sound.

4. I Couldn’t Do That To Me

The fourth song is one for the romantic times of life. With I Couldn’t Do That To Me, she is delivering a beautiful piano ballad, which is coming with a really atmosperic arrangement. Really nice one.

5. Sanity

Very often, the last song of an album or EP is a slow ballad. Belinda Carlisle is going into another direction: Sanity is a nice pop track, which is impressing with a rather wide instrumentation. The chorus feels symphonic and thus stays in your mind.


Belinda Carlisle – Kismet – Spotify

Here is the EP on Spotify:


Belinda Carlisle – Kismet – My View

I am definitely thankful for the five tracks of Kismet. Belinda Carlisle proofs that she is still a great musician. Five songs, which will be loved by her fans. I definitely smiled during the listen.


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