Musa Dagh – No Future

Musa Dagh - No Future



3.9/5 Pros

  • Very nice noise rock album
  • Talented trio Cons

  • Some weaker songs

While I struggled with their self-titled debut album Musa Dagh, some other critics had a completely different view about the first major set of tunes of the German band. On 14th April 2023, they are back with their sophomore album No Future. Let’s have a look how I see the future of the band some one and a half year later.


Musa Dagh – About The Artists

Compared to Musa Dagh, there have been some changes in the line up of the band. While drummer Thomas Götz has still been part of the recording process, he is now replaced by Sascha Madsen. The other two band members stay the same, namely, singer Aydo Abay and guitarist Aren Amirze. In May 2023, the band will also have a tour through Germany.


Musa Dagh – No Future – Track by Track

The ten song album lasts 34 minutes.

1. Bossanova USA

The first attempt to show me that my judgement in November 2021 might have been wrong is Bossanova USA. The song is a nice noise rock track, which is having a nice presence of instrumental elements, without being too cheap and simple on the lyrics side. The song has some nice breaks in atmosphere, which are nicely presented by Aydo Abay.

2. Rythm Pigs (A.F.M.D.)

The second song is already presenting one of the most characteristic moments of the album. The song comes with a nice drive created by the harmony of guitar chords and drum hits. I love you is repeatedly that frequently in the bridge that you just cannot prevent having it in your mind even after the song is over. And the ending is a special one as well. Cool.

3. No Future

After the complex rocker with a freestyle character, the title track feels quiet and tender. Luckily, Madsen is stomping on the bass drum sufficiently in the chorus to make this song feel to a cool rocker. Quite a contrast between the two tracks – but both are fun in their very own way.

4. Algorithms & Alcohol

Luckily, the fourth song is shorter than three minutes. Sascha Madsen is hammering his drum kits to the limits (not sure if I mean human limits or the drum kit itself in here). Kids, don’t try to do that at home – better listen to the lyrics, which is criticizing the structure of the program of nowadays mainstream radio stations.

5. 0200 Hours

The strumming guitars of this rather slow track add a touch of folk rock to the album. A touch of melancholy with intense lyrics. The more often I listen to 0200 Hours, the more I like it.

6. Congaah

Two different worlds – one symmetry – the song Congaah deals with the different origins of the main artists. And it invites you to join the family. The guitar solo introduces typical Turkish vibes and thereby also references the origin of the band name, which is the name of a mountain in Southern Türkiye. In many aspects an remarkable listen.

7. VU

The stomping VU with the easy to remember main theme is one of the most efficient catches of the album. You just cannot erase the memory of this multi-faceted song too quickly. Nice.

8. Weekend Warrior

Weekend Warrior is a beautifully complex listen. Some parts feel nasty, rocking and ugly and might even frighten some darker metal lovers. From one moment to the next, the track turns into a harmonic and melodic listen. Nice composition.

9. Your Garden

With less than three minutes, Your Garden is one of the short tracks of the album. Again, it moves suddenly between different moods. However, I feel that the transitions are not as good and as snappy as in other tracks.

10. Me Two

The final song, Me Two, demands six minutes of listening from the Musa Dagh (if she/he is not cheating using a fast forward). Apart from the duration, the song does not impress as much as some of its predecessors. Nice instrumental work, though.


Musa Dagh – No Future – Spotify

Here is No Future on Spotify:


Musa Dagh – No Future – My View

I still don’t rate Musa Dagh as high as some of my colleagues, but I give in: I like No Future. The band has a lot of potential, I like the straight-forward style, which works out due to the high level of talent in the band. If noise rock is your favorite genre, this album is a must-listen. Other rock and hard rock fans might have a good time with it as well.


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