Tyler Braden – What Do They Know EP

Tyler Braden - What Do They Know EP



4.4/5 Pros

  • Powerful modern country songs
  • Very catchy melodies Cons

  • Just four songs, one new one

If you released two songs, which exceed ten million Spotify streams each, you are definitely in the music business. Not too surprisingly, Tyler Braden, who is the artist of this review, is described as such in his Spotify profile with a truckload of self-confidence: If ever there was a country artist ready to set the world on fire, it would have to be Tyler Braden… I skip the rest of the gushing self-praising. On 26th March 2021, Braden completed a set of four songs by the single release of his What Do They Know and just put that quartet of sounds in the equivalently named EP. Here is my review.


Tyler Braden – About The Artist

Tyler Braden is a US country artist, who grew up in Slapout, Alabama, a tiny town North of Montgomery. His parents already had a crush for music, so he grew up in that environment. However, Tyler Braden also has a very civil passion: he also worked as a firefighter. After playing a festival in 2017, the country community focused more on Braden. His debut Little Red Wine was a huge success and has been streamed 16 million times until now. His second single was Leave Me Alone in 2018 and also made it to 13.7 million streams so far. Even though his stats have been decreasing since then, several other songs made a seven digit number of Spotify streams until today.


Tyler Braden – What Do They Know – Track by Track

The four track EP lasts fourteen minutes. The EP has been published together with its title track. All other songs of the EP have been released before.

1. What Do They Know

Latest one first: the short EP starts with the in-fact only new release on this collection of four songs. The song was finally the reason why I went for this EP review. What a powerful country track with rock elements.

And they know
How to say you’ll never make it on your own
Like they’ve got an “I told you so”
They’re saving for
The day your fading red
Taillights are headed back home
And they know
How to tell you it’ll all go wrong
How to tell you that road’s
Too long, too far, too damn hard
Boy, it ain’t nowhere to go
But what do they know?

2. Secret

At the time of writing, any of three other songs had between 1.6 and 1.9 million Spotify streams already. You just cannot expect a too bad song with that figures – and of course, Secret is not disappointing me (I have to admit that I did not know the song before). A very straight modern country track with a powerful voice, a good lyrics. Already great to see that this song is not cut down to 2:40 minutes something – they allow Tyler to tell his story for almost four minutes.

3. Love Is a Dead End Road

Love Is A Dead End Road starts very slow, but then turns into a normal mid-tempo song. Again, listening to Braden is just catching. He puts the right ingredients into this song – the result is high quality as well.

4. Brother

Three of the four songs of this EP are close to four minutes – and so is the closing one, Brother. Even though the song becomes more powerful the longer it gets, it feels very deep and intimate. To me, it is the emotional highlight of the EP – which is additionally emphasized by the support of a female singer.

Brother, let me be your shelter
I’ll never leave you all alone
I can be the one you call
When you’re low
Brother, let me be your fortress
When the night winds are driving on
Be the one to light the way
Bring you home


Tyler Braden – What Do They Know – Spotify

Here is the Spotify widget to the four track EP:


Tyler Braden – What Do They Know – My View

Unfortunately, the EP just comes with four songs, but all of them are really high quality modern country entertainment. It is amazing to see that such a comparably new artist is already able to deliver this level of songs constantly. What Do They Know is the perfect opportunity to start listening to Tyler Braden – sooner or later, you will do anyway.


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