Hanne Mjoen – Fall in Love/Apart EP

Hanne Mjoen - Fall in Love/Apart



3.7/5 Pros

  • Well produced pop tracks
  • Signature sound Cons

  • ... but (again) very similar songs.

The press kit to her EP Fall in Love/Apart states “Hanne Mjøen is not your average pop queen. With her last EP Emotional Fever she proved her success formula consisting of
beats to dance on, with lyrics that make you cry”. Typical marketing speech or really a good listen? I rated Emotional Fever with a 3.9.I had a try and give you my thoughts about this 18th November 2022 release.


Hanne Mjoen – About the Artist

Hanne Mjoen (or Hanne Mjøen, which would be the correct spelling) is a Norwegian artist, who grew up in Oppdal, South of Trondheim. She is publishing music since 2016, when she released the single Perfect Noise. She already had quite successful releases the year thereafter, but finally the 2018 single Sounds Good To Me boosted her career to a global success. The song has been streamed almost 16 million times so far. A one hit wonder? Not at all! Multiple songs of the Scandivian passed the magical mark of one million stream, before Tell Me in 2022 was another global success. The song recorded with James Carter has so far been streamed 13 million times (Spotify only). Fall in Love / Apart is Mjoen’s third EP release.


Hanne Mjoen – Fall in Love/Apart – Track by Track

The five track EP lasts 15 minutes.

1. Fall Apart

You say the words and I try to comprehend
Is it true was that really what you meant
I love you I love you I love you I love you I do
I want you I want you I want you I want only you
I’m not used to those words without pretend

Hanne’s high, fragile voice lead into this 2:30 minute pop song, which creates its synth pop atmosphere in the short chorus sections. Sounds negative, but the opener is definitely a good listen.

2. Hard to Love

Hard to Love is a rather slow song, which also works with some strumming guitar chords in the background.

3. Bad For My Health

You’re Bad for my health
But you’re good for my heart
And I’m bad for myself
Cause I’m tearing us apart

The third song is creating a rather stronger synth pop atmosphere. Lovely, very modern and energetic listen.

4. I Never Told You

The fourth song is a bit more quiet than its predecessor and thus also feels a bit more sad than other tracks on the EP. However, the song definitely feels to have a very familiar style after you listened to other the three songs before.

5. Distant

I feel that especially the chorus of this song has a lot of potential. Unfortunately, the track as a whole is “just” a good listen. Still a nice finale of this EP from Norway.



Hanne Mjoen – Fall in Love/Apart – Spotify

Here is the EP on Spotify:


Hanne Mjoen – Fall in Love/Apart – Track by Track

Fall in Love/Apart too strongly reminds me of Emotional Fever. The songs in here are – again – a good listen, but again, I wait for a track which is special, outstanding. Hanna Mjoen does her kind of music well – but I would love her to spot some more tunes outside her (commercial?) comfort zone. and Norway

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