Uncaved – Dogmatorraistes

Uncaved - Dogmatorraistes



4.4/5 Pros

  • Very nice instrumental and vocal skills
  • Powerful sound
  • Versatile and entertaining

I was a bit confused when I tried to prepare this posting about the Swiss death metal band Uncaved and their debut album. There is also a Brazilian band named Uncaved… and they do death metal since almost two decades. In this post, I stay in Europe, though, The album is named Dogmatorraistes and has been released on a Wednesday, 9th August 2023.


Uncaved – About The Artists

The band members of Uncaved are Simon Frederik Pringer (vocals), Felicien Burkard (bass/vocals), Samuel Wiederkehr, Ralph P. Huber (both guitar) and drummer Gregor Bucher. The name of their debut album is a Greek neologism and shall reflect the band’s style, with old school death metal and unconventionalsong structures, based on the press information.


Uncaved – Dogmatorraistes – Track by Track

The ten song album lasts 56 minutes.

1. Nocturni Luminis

Nocturni Luminis is like a flashing business card of the band. The Swiss band does not leave any doubt what this album is about. Right after you hit the play button, you are blasted with a firework of guitar riffs. Full force, full speed for almost 6:40 minutes. Welcome to the land of Uncaved. If you don’t like it, better stay out of this death metal area.

2. Envy

Song like the opener, but also the some one minute shorter Envy also illustrate a certain balance Uncaved are trying to achieve in this album. Guitar lovers find powerful riff, Simon Frederik Pringer is giving you the whole possible range of death metal vocals. However, the songs are not just about being powerful and loud, but also come with very nice melodic sections. Nice listen.

3. The First Night

The First Night is a song which will be a treat for old school death metal listeners. The song is dark and aggressive. Especially the middle part feels to allow nothing but full metal force. This time, you just cannot spot a break and relax on melodic parts. Impressing listen with a nice variety and good plot.

4. Permanent Repository

The first three songs of the album started with full power. Thus, the first 45 seconds Permanent Repository almost feels like metal meditation. However. the Swiss just start a bit later with their typical, forceful style. The song feels to present different sections. In some of them, the speed and brutality simply feels sick. However, there are also rather slow parts with melodic elements. This leads to a very entertaining listen, which is definitely enjoyable.

5. Throne

The fifth song Throne is not only standing out as it is the longest song of the album (7:42 minutes). It also comes with a nice harmony and plot. Even though quick hands and fingers are again necessary on the instrumental side of the band, the song has a certain, undeniable beauty – which you just cannot decline even if you are not a die-hard death metal fan. However, these fans will also love the fast, galloping parts of the song. Definitely one of the finest listens in here.

6. Scorner

Scorner is a song of periodic changes. It feels like there is always something happening and constantly changing. Apart from few exceptions, this leads to a very interesting listen. These exceptions feel a bit too much for me and finally just kick the sixth song out of my list of favorites.

7. Thus I demand the Abolition of God

I feel it is interesting that though the album contains so many epic songs, Uncaved selected Thus I demanded the Abolition of God as a single release. The song is the second shortest of the album. The song is especially surprising with very melodic vocal parts, which you would typically expect in a medieval metal or symphonic metal album. I feel it is a cool feature, even though it is confusing me. However, I like the instrumental arrangement, which has a lovely focus on the guitars and the bass.

8. La Propagande

The eighth song leaves some showcase for the instrumentalists again. Especially Felicien Burkard on the bass is able to illustrate instrumental mastery. The song has a very virtuous character and reminds me of more melodic metal genres in the middle parts. Very nice one.

9. Ode

The Ode is an ode: a vocal interlude, 88 seconds without instrumental appearance in a  chorale kind of atmosphere.

10. Lichtbringer

The Lichtbringer (“Light bringer”) feels like the ultimate hit in the face. The full death metal force is driving this song sung in German. Cool finale.


Uncaved – Dogmatorraistes – Spotify

Here is the album on Spotify:


Uncaved – Dogmatorraistes – My View

Wow, Dogmatorraistes is an album with a very high instrumental and vocal quality. The Swiss band is doing a great job, even though it feels a bit too much to me here and there. This debut album is definitely a great first step into the world of death metal – a great foundation to built a longer lasting house on. Thumbs up!

Favorite song: Lichtbringer


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