Bellucci Boi – Lost in Berlin EP

Bellucci Boi - Lost in Berlin



4.6/5 Pros

  • Nice blend of different musical genres
  • Smashing hits "Red Bull Dose" and "Backstreet Boys"
  • Very nice, wide range of songs Cons

  • Just two new songs

If you regularly follow my Songs of the Week, you already know the upcoming German artist Bellucci Boi. I introduced you to him a couple of times in this category of posts. On 18th November 2022, he even lead my list of new releases with the very catching Red Bull Dose. Finally Bellucci Boi has added two new songs to four already released tracks and publishes his debut EP Lost in Berlin. Here is my view of the 8th September 2023 release.


Bellucci Boi – About The Artist

It is music to shit on the world and to give a fuck. Doing your own thing and have a great time – I found this quote by Bellucci Boi about his own music. Punk rock, pop, hip hop – it is very hard to limit his songs to individual genres. I don’t have too much bio information about the young German, though. The Red Bull Dose has indeed been his debut single. With some 250k streams on Spotify only, the song indeed reached a certain level of success. The following releases could not connect for that, but the stats are not too far apart from the song about the can of the Austrian-origin energizing soda.


Bellucci Boi – Lost in Berlin – Track by Track

The six track EP lasts 16 minutes.

1. Weg

The debut EP opens with a new song. Weg (“Away”) majorly comes with straight rock elements. A touch of alternative here, some punk rock flavors there. The song is a good one, but I feel it is weaker than some of the songs Bellucci Boi shared before.

2. Backstreet Boys

“She’s got a poster of the Backstreet Boys, but there is a sex toy next to it”. Lyrics like that illustrate the straight style of Bellucci Boi. He simply does not care about conventions, things you should or should not do. The song about that special date is the key catch of the EP. The stanzas feel like hip hop, the pre-chorus sounds like pop and the chorus is a damn cool punk rocker. It works out.

3. Lost in Berlin

The title track of the EP is also the new single release by the artist. The first verses introduce the song as a hip hop ballad with a strong emotional. The chorus works with a stronger presence of guitars. That’s where Lost in Berlin becomes a really impressing listen and creates such an intense atmosphere. Good one.

4. Mona Lisa

Adieu Mona Lisa, ich hab Dir vertraut – “Bye, bye Mona Lisa, I did trust in you”. The song is about a breakup. The female protagonist might be a fascinating beauty – but Bellucci Boi feels that she is just not any more worth the effort she is demanding. And goes for the farewell – as well as for this song. Punk rock, emotions, intensity. There is so much great potential in this artist.

5. Wein mich in den Schlaf

Wein mich in den Schlaf (“Cry me into sleep”) is a melancholic-dramatic rocker. Bellucci Boi is partially working with crying and shouting vocals, which fits to the spirit of this song. Lovely.

6. Red Bull Dose

Last, but not least. there is his debut single. I already told you: I loved the song in November 2022, when Bellucci Boi released it. These thoughts haven’t changed. Straight, cheeky song, which is beautifully illustrating the nice range of musical elements in the songs of the artists.


Bellucci Boi – Lost in Berlin – Spotify

Here is the EP on Spotify


Bellucci Boi – Lost in Berlin – My View

It is a debut release, so that I don’t take it too bad that there are just two new songs. Lost in Berlin is definitely a nice showcase of the music by Bellucci Boi. If you followed him starting with his early releases, you might concentrate on the two new songs. Especially the title track is a very good listen. However, I stuck with the “classics” and love Red Bull Dose and Backstreet Boys.

Favorite Song: Backstreet Boys


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