Slash feat. Myles Kennedy & The Conspirators – 4

Slash feat. Myles Kennedy & The Conspirators - 4



3.9/5 Pros

  • Great musical talent
  • Good songs Cons

  • Quality in line with the amazing talent of the lineup

SMKC is a magical abbreviation in rock music business. It merges guitar giant slash, legendary Myles Kennedy and band member named The Conspirators into a giant rock super group. On 11th February 2022, they already released their fourth album – which is simply named 4. I just had to have a listen.


SKMC – About The Artists

Hard to state who is the most shining person in music business in this super-group. I just start with Saul Hudson, whom you better know as Slash. He was born on 23rd July 1965 in London and is having the British and US-American citizenship. He became famous as part of Guns N’ Roses, for whom he has been the guitarist from 1985 to 1996 and re-joined the band in 2016. Slash released only one solo album in 2010, but two additional ones each with Slash’s Snakepit and Velvet Revolver. In SKMC, Slash is of course mainly active as the guitarist.

Myles Kennedy was born on 27th November 1969 in Boston, Massachusetts. His main musical career is with the band Alter Bridge, but he also released two solo albums in recent years. Especially The Ides of March has been quite a success. Apart from that, Myles Kennedy has been part of some other band projects. He is the singer on this album.  The Conspirators as of their 2022 album 4 are Brent Fitz (drums), Todd Kerns (bass) and Frank Sidoris (guitar)


Slash feat. Myles Kennedy & The Conspirators – 4 – Track by Track

The ten track album lasts 44 minutes.

1. The River Is Rising

The opener The River Is Rising has been the first song of this album SMKC have released to their fans. The song is having a hammering groove, excellence on the guitars. A powerful sound between hard rock and classic rock sounds – just as you would expect. Nice!

2. Whatever Gets You By

Whatever Get You By starts with a small drum solo. The track has a stronger bass groove and less speed.This leads to a touch of blues and funk in this song. However, the song becomes more rocking the longer it runs.

Because time will tell when this all could blow
Yeah you know in time we all have to go
Time will tell baby now you know
There’s no fighting time just enjoy the show
Whatever gets you by

3. C’est la vie

If you like indie-rock and grunge, C’est la vie might be your favorite. Together with its three pre-decessors, it also illustrates the musical talent and excellence in this project. Especially Myles Kennedy shows a great performance on the microphone, but also the instrumental range of these first twelve minutes of 4 is impressing.

4. The Path Less Followed

The Path Less Followed combines hard rock riffs with melodic parts. Thus, the song has quite an Alter Bridge touch. Slash is showing his guitar skills in a nice solo as well.

5. Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Five songs so far. No bad track. But somehow, after the opener, I am missing the great songs. Actions Speak Louder Than Words features a nice collaboration of the two guitarists, there is a lot of power. It is a good listen. But it is too easy to forget quickly again.

6. Spirit Love

The first time I listened to the opening of Spirit Love, I though about traditional Asian music. Not too much time to have strange feelings like these, the sixth track is marching forward. The sound is a bit darker than in the songs before, Myles Kennedy is doing a great job again. Nice one.

7. Fill My World

Fill My World is one of the pre-releases of the album. The guitar intro reminds me of Guns N’ Roses classics, but then, the track rather develops towards a power ballad with stadium qualities. 5:29 minutes, which somehow feel between a performance Axl Rose and Jon Bon Jovi.

8. April Fool

You had me shaking
Had me wrapped around your finger
I was your April Fool
But look who’s laughing
In the end
It’s safe to say
I guess the jokes on you

This one is one of my most favorite songs of the album. Cool, energetic rock which is having a good drive forward and great guitar works. Thumbs up!

9. Call Off The Dogs

Slash, Myles Kennedy and The Conspirators do the fast lane – even though the song is shortest on the album, it’s got a lot in it. Just because it’s got soo much speed. Supersonic rock, I love it.

10. Fall Back To Earth

The band says goodbye with a 6:24 minute epic work. A story-telling with very emotional moments, but also hammering rhythm and chord parts. A nice musical proof for the versatility of this collaboration.


Slash feat. Myles Kennedy & The Conspirators – 4 – Spotify

Here is the Spotify widget for 4:


Slash feat. Myles Kennedy & The Conspirators – 4 – My View

What a massive lineup. Guitar god Slash, the amazing Miles Kennedy and a very good band. You expect amazing songs and sounds. And that’s why this album is good, but feels like being disappointing or “just good”, however you like to call it. You want more than a good one. But that’s just what you get when you listen to 4.


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