The Mercury Riots – In Solstice

The Mercury Riots - In Solstice



4.6/5 Pros

  • Ten catching straight rock songs
  • A lot of fun while listening

The US-American rock band The Mercury Riots has released their debut album In Solstice on 21st June 2024. I had the opportunity to have a listen to the album beforehand. Here is my review.


The Mercury Riots – About The Artists

The Mercury riots are a rock’n’roll trio from Los Angeles. The band members are Zachary Kibbee (vocals, bass), Felipe Rodrigo (guitar) and drummer Jonny Udell. In Solstice is marketed as the band’s debut album. However, there has been a self-titled EP in 2022 already. They already have quite a fan base, also outside of the United States.


The Mercury Riots – In Solstice – Track by Track

The ten song album lasts 35 minutes.

1. Make It

Rock fans will get into the sound of In Solstice easily. The opener Make It comes with a straight, powerful sound. With the first chorus latest, you are in the sound of The Mercury Riots. This one feels really promising for the nine remaining songs.

2. Be Yours

The second song is the only single release so far, Be Yours. The song starts with strumming guitars and a cool bass groovy. This style reminding of blues rock continues, especially in the instrumental parts. Cool, groovy track, which is indeed a fun listen.

3. LA Girls

In the third band, the Los Angeles band is praising the young ladies of their home town. Some parts of it might not be absolutely realistic (She’s got […} 100 feet of true legs), but the song is definitely a fun listen. And I am sure the LA Girls like to hear that one.

4. Sweet Melody

Sweet Melody is slowing down the speed of the album a bit. This leads to an even greater emphasis on the groove of the song. A lovely, smooth riff is driving the fourth track of In Solstice.

5. Take Me When You Go

After this rather gentle experience, Take Me When You Go heads to a very different direction. The song feels rougher, almost dirty and raunchy. The guitars are definitely in focus here – even though the chorus has a really nice touch.

6. Light It Up

Light It Up starts a bit slowly and also has some very vocal-centrical parts in the verses. However, once the song leads towards the chorus, it reveals its hard rocking heart. This leads to a entertaining and versatile listen.

7. Save Me A Drink

Save Me A Drink feels like the perfect stadium rocker of this album. Who could not sing-a-long to Save me a drink until its gone when these guys are on stage. Cheers – and enjoy!

8. Scream It Out

The sing-a-long qualities of the eighth song are not too bad as well. Overall, it is a bit less energetic than Save Me A Drink. However, the chorus stays in your mind. Cool!

9. 99 Degrees

99 Degrees is another cool rocker. Especially towards the chorus, the song creates a lot of energy. The groove of the song makes you move to its sound.

10. Nobody Knows

The five minute epic Nobody Knows closes the album. The song comes with a very nice dramatic plot. A very hymnic, intense listen at the end of In Solstice – the US-Americans make their 2024 album feel good until the very last second.


The Mercury Riots – In Solstice – Spotify

Here is the album on Spotify:


The Mercury Riots – In Solstice – My View

In Solstice is a really cool, straight rock album. The Mercury Riots continuously deliver clear, straight rock songs. The album rarely shows a weak spot, it is just a lot of fun to listen. If you are having a rock heart, this one will be a treat for you.

Favorite Song: Save Me A Drink in Greater Los Angeles

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