MARBL – The Flight of the Hawks (EP Review)

For the first time in the history of, I have been asked to review an album from a record company itself. It has been such a surprise to me that I even missed the mail with all the material of the Israeli singer-songwriter MARBL and her EP The Flight of the Hawks. I heard this EP once, twice and even more during my April/May stay in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur. Finally, I decided that I need to share it with you – despite the album has already been released on 3rd May 2019 and the fact that originally planned not to review EPs and Singles.

MARBL – About the Artist

Unfortunately, I could not find too much bio about MARBL. It is her second EP, the first one, MARBL, is a 2015 one. The most successful song of that EP, regarding the number of Youtube clicks, is a song called Time Takes Time. It reached some 30k views. All three songs released with music video of The Flight of the Hawks have singificantly higher numbers of views.


MARBL – The Flight of the Hawks – Track by Track

The EP is five songs, 17 minutes long. The name of album was motivated when MARBL read the book “The Alchemist” by Paolo Coelho.

1. Lay Your Head Upon My Chest

This song feels like lounge music to me. MARBL’s voice bedded on some soft sounds and rhythms. It is hard for me to get into this track, I like the others more.

2. I Think I Saw You On the Street

After Lay Your Head Upon My Chest made me struggle, this is my favorite track of the album. Pop music with acoustic guitar background, nice production.

3. The Mechanism of All Temporary Things

Starting very mystic, this track with strong electronic elements is gaining more and more power over its some 3:30 minutes playtime. Typically not my kind of music, but this song feels quite good to me – also like the lyrics, for example

I’ve got a lion in my bag
And I’m terrified to know it
I am as dumb as you may be
Whenever you insist
To cut me out and blow it

4. I’m Calling You

It is hard to describe this song in words without really giving you an excerpt. Sometimes it feels like radio-pop, sometimes even a bit country-like. The finish even has some rock elements. Nice to listen to.

5. You’re On My Mind

I feel that You’re on My Mind is the song where MARBL’s soft voice is most beautiful. Nice lyrics, for example

Maybe it’s the rain
That makes the time lie heavy on my hands
Or maybe it’s the head that’s going wild
But you’re on my mind


MARBL – The Flight of the Hawks – My View

Especially after I compared The Flight of the Hawks to MARBL’s first EP, I feel that this one is a real evolution of her music. The EP has some very catchy elements, I absolutely like how the music is focused on the lyrics and the artist’s beautiful voice. Definitely music you should have a listen to – if you finally like it, is very individual anyway. I have to admit that I felt like putting the EP away after listening for the first time. Then I did it again – and The Flight of the Hawks definitely surprised me more and more.


MARBL – The Flight of the Hawks – Amazon Links

The Flight of the Hawks is a download only album. In case you are interested to purchase it, here is the link to Amazon Germany.


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I have received the album for free. This did not influence my judgement on the music.

All pictures: promotion material / portraits by Ofir Abe


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