Vass / Katsionis – Cynical Silence

Vass / Katsionis - Cynical Silence



4.1/5 Pros

  • Very atmospheric and picturesque song
  • Wide range of sounds Cons

  • Some weaker spots

In the history of, I had some quite remarkable reviews of Greek music already. The dark country album Nostrum Remedium by Redeye Caravan is still one of my most beloved listens of all times, for example. However, there was also quite a lot of metal. One name pops up frequently in that context: Bob Katsionis. With his 2020 Amadeus Street Warrior latest, he got a certain focus in my coverage. On 7th April 2023, Katsionis is releasing his sophomore album alongside Billy Vass, named Cynical Silence. I just had to give this one a try.


Vass / Katsionis – About The Artists

As said in the introduction, Bob Katsionis is a very present and creative artist in the Greek metal scene. Among some other projects you also find here on, he already collaborated with Billy Vass in 2017. At that time, Vass’ band Terra Incognita released their album Fragments of a Ruined Mind. Vass is the lead singer of this power metal band, which has been founded in 2010. Vass and Katsionis already released one album as a duo, Ethical Dilemma in February 2022.


Vass / Katsionis – Cynical Silence – Track by Track

The nine track album lasts 40 minutes. Fun fact about the album cover: The artwork has been based on artificial intelligence, processing the lyrics of the album. Two songs have been released beforehand and can also be consumed on the bandcamp site.

1. The End Of Innocence

The End Of Innocence is a nice opener to Cynical Silcence. The track could maybe be a bit more energetic, but it features a nice range of sounds. Thus, the song is a nice starter.

2. Restless Seeker

The guitars are strumming in the the background of Restless Seeker, providing a rocking basis for the vocals by Billy Vass. Very nice, melodic song with a very present and catchy chorus.

3. Cynical Silence

This track is not only the title song, but also something like the heart of the album. Cynical Silence illustrates all the musical beauty, which may arise from this collaboration.

4. Vengeance Is Mine

Vengeance Is Mine is unfortunately rather close to Cynical Silence on the vocal side. That’s a bit of a shame, as the song with it dark, quiet moment, which quickly transfer to a very powerful metal sound, has its very own touch and quality. Nice one.

5. Radical Realist

The five minute Radical Realist is a rather slow track. Some parts even face towards a power ballad. The rather long runtime also leaves sufficient opportunity for some nice guitar-centric parts. Nice one.

6. A Day Without Loss (for Nora)

This one is the shortest track of the album – and also its emotional highlight. Slow ballad which is majorly driven by the keyboard and the vocals. Intense experience.

7. Invisible Thread

After this emotional listen, the riffs introducing Invisible Thread almost feel disturbing. However, the song soon delivers some rather quiet and melodic parts. Just when you think that the Greek do a die-hard pop track, the guitars are starting to howl. Nonetheless, a bit of mainstream rock touch on Cynical Silence.

8. Answers

Answers follows a similar plot. The eighth song start slower, but then turns into a quite heavy rock anthem. Guitar lovers will love the middle part, especially.

9. My Island Is Home

The Greek duo is closing their 2023 album with the longest song. I would describe this one as an atmospheric, theatric rock track. Sounds like a power ballad, but Vass and Katsionis rather focus on a metaphoric, picturesque song atmosphere. Cool finale.


Vass / Katsionis – Cynical Silence – Spotify

Five tracks of Cynical Silence are available as an EP on Spotify:



Vass / Katsionis – Cynical Silence – My View

Especially songs like the title track or the chucker-out show the wide range and great potential of this Greek collaboration.Katsionis is a mastermind for metal music from Greece, Vass’ skills turn them into a very atmospheric and characteristic atmosphere. Even though you feel to spot some weaker sections here and there, you just cannot stop enjoying the listen. Thumbs up from my side. in Greece

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