Skull Koraptor – Chaos Station

Skull Koraptor - Chaos Station



4.0/5 Pros

  • Very clean, great production
  • Professional, feels very talented
  • Versatile elements Cons

  • I feel the band has even more potential

Due to my contacts to the Greek metal scene, which really seems to have a lot of musical talents, I ran into the album release of the Athens band Skull Koraptor. Chaos Station is the debut album of the combo, which is published by a German label. Here are my thoughts about this piece of trash metal. The album will be released on 17th January 2020.


Skull Koraptor – About the Band

Skull Koraptor is a Thrash Metal band from Athens, Greece. The band has three members. John Savoglou does the lead vocals and guitars, John Vratsos bass and backing vocals, while George Margetis is the master of the drums. The band was formed in 2011.

In 2014, the band released their EP Dead Ahead, which is so far the only production by the trio. It contained four songs, you see the title track below. The band had some success on stage already and for example supported for Skull Fist.


Skull Koraptor – Chaos Station – Track by Track

Chaos Station is a nine track album. The playing time is 28 minutes.

1. Intro

Not too much to write about this. The Intro is an intro (obviously). Marching rythm, instrumental, gives some atmosphere, but is not too overwhelming. Just about one minute anway.

2. Hatred

Okay, let’s start the music. After a thirty second intro, there are not just strings and drums, but also lyrics. Nice production, you hear that band has quite some experience already. Good stuff.

3. Blast It Out

Blast It Out was the single release and song used for the music video, so that I had a special focus on that. Again, the sound is very professional, good riffs, clear voices. If you like trash metal and feel like some headbanging, that’s a good one!

4. Burnt Society

Burnt Society is my favorite track on the album, I just like the chorus, which touches me most on the whole album. In addition, a nice intermediate guitar solo. A good combination of trash and melodic elements.

5. Next Station: Chaos

Ladies and Gentleman – Next station: Chaos. The track is not that chaotic though and again has some very melodic passages (which I personally like). Good one!

6. Breakthrough

Fun fact: in my promo package, the song is called Fall Out – not it is named Breakthrough. So, is it more a fall/fail or the right step to have the career breakthrough? I have to say that I love other songs more – but Breakthrough definitely does not lead to a failure of the album. Still nice!

7. Fatal Wrecking

Fatal Wrecking has quite a lot of melodic elements. Nevertheless, I prefer other songs more – on the positive side, it is again a very clear, straight production.

8. Voices Of Despair

Another good metal track, very straight and clear production, really nice!

9. Obsessed

Trash metal and similar genres of guitar smashing always tend to have a touch to becoming boring to me after a while. Skull Koraptor tries to have different dramatic structures in the songs and play with elements. Like that.


Skull Koraptor – Chaos Station – Spotify

I will add a Spotify link to the review as soon as the album has been released


Skull Koraptor – Chaos Station – My View

No argue – that’s good stuff. I am always quite amazed when I receive metal publishings from Greece. The quality is really good, but Skull Koraptor is definitely one of the best recordings I had so far. The three guys so a very decent job in eight tracks (plus the intro), so I feel they are definitely worth a try!


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