Crazy Putt London

Crazy Putt London

12 GBP


4.8/5 Pros

  • Fantastic challenges
  • Great usage of terrain
  • Very good maintenance
  • Good location Cons

  • Struggle with scorecard app

Visiting London in late November 2022, my wife and I were aiming to do some things outside the Christmas tourism madness. One of them was to do have a relaxed round of adventure golf. The weather was surprisingly nice and mild and so we headed to Crazy Putt on the Greenwich Peninsula, which looked amazing in the internet. Here is our review.


Crazy Putt London – Location & Admission

Crazy Putt is driven by the Greenwich Peninsula Golf Range, a driving range, which is very close to the O2 Arena. Thus, getting there is really easy – it is a five to ten minutes walk from North Greenwich station. You may also get there by car, as the place runs a rather large customer parking. At least in winter, when we were there, the services are driven by the reception desk of the driving range. They do have a service booth for higher frequented times, though.

Crazy Putt is operating from 9:00 to 22:00 hrs Monday to Friday and 8:00 to 22:00 hrs on weekends. You book a time slot for your adventure golf game online (which we did when we arrived on the premises). One 18 hole game is 10 GBP on weekdays before 17:00 hrs and 12 GBP on other / peak times. There are also family and group packages.


Crazy Putt London – Atmosphere

Despite you are really close to the vibrant O2 Arena with its several venues, shopping and entertainment facilities, the adventure golf course feels really quiet. The holes have been inspired by famous real golf courses. They were in a really good state, so that the place feels really welcoming. Overall, we had a very relaxing round of adventure golf. The place does accept bookings up to 45 minutes before closing. I would rather go for 60 minutes, even if you are a smaller party of two or three people.


Crazy Putt London – The Course

In general, the holes of Crazy Putt have average length. The challenge behind them is that they typically work with the terrain created for the course. The first hole, for example, is a downhill one, which just requires a very slight hit – otherwise your ball will be out of bounds. The second whole is a left turn up the hill, which again needs a smooth leverage of power. The lanes are made of artificial turf. Even though we played in the morning (where I would expect these surfaces to be a bit more humid), the pace of the ball felt rather fast at Crazy Putt. The rough is significantly longer than the fairway and thus requires much more power. The bunkers, however, are not that much of a difference.

The fourth hole (which you see above) almost felt like a bobsleigh track, through which you have to gently maneuver the ball. While I felt very comfortable with the first holes, the sixth one was the first big challenge to me. The quite steep downhill course included some curves so that there is a high risk that the ball is out of bounds. The narrow seventh one thereafter gave us similar challenges. And of course, whenever you step down, you have to step up: the eighth hole makes you climb up the hill again – there is a high risk that the ball is simply coming back to you and rolling down the hill – amazing challenges. The course also comes with some holes which give you very different options how to finish it off.

I think that the pictures already give you a good hint how much each and every hole comes with different challenges. Some also require crossing water – the twelfth one, which you see, right below, leaves you the option to either take the bridge or use the slight slope and make the ball jump over it. We have to admit, that the score card featured a couple of “7” entries now (which means: we failed to do it in six hits). Hole 16 was also one of my favorites, as it is likely the longest challenge on Crazy Putt London grounds. The final challenge, by the way, is inspired by the famous 18th hole of St. Andrews.


Crazy Putt London – Services

The staff was very helpful. By default, they support online score cards, which did not really work for us (I could not install the app on a German mobile phone). They gave us paper score cards instead – what I really appreciate, as I typically use the mobile to take notes about the course while playing. As the place is majorly a golf driving range, there is also a nice golf shop in the building, as well as a restaurant.


Crazy Putt London – My View

The Crazy Putt Adventure Golf Course in London was an absolutely stunning experience. It reminded me a lot of Disney’s Fantasia Fairways. However, the Orlando course is working much more with the length of the holes, while Crazy Putt presents so many cool (and ugly) challenges in a much more limited space. Especially the way terrain is used to give you a very entertaining time with new problems on each hole is amazing. Having said that, you shouldn’t go to Crazy Putt with small children likely. unless they are really into the sports. Love it!


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