Lordi – Abusement Park (from: Lordiversity)

Lordi - Abusement Park



4.2/5 Pros

  • Majorly very nicely adopted fun fair topic
  • Really great beginning of the album Cons

  • Some weaker spots in the second half of the publication.

Not only because there will be a Lordi-featured ghost train ride on Finnish fun fairs in 2021, Abusement Park feels to be a special part of the Lordiversity package. Classic hard rock of the 1980’s is the genre represented in this album – and is thus close to the band’s typical sound. Fasten your seat belts and let’s enjoy the ride together.


Lordi – Abusement Park – Track by Track

The eleven track album lasts 39 minutes.

1. SCG Minus 4: The Carnival Barker

This opener really feels like a fun fair. Freaks and geeks are addressed – feels just right for the fourth stage of the Lordiversity show.

2. Abusement Park

Take a ride through the dark
In the Abusement Park

If that’s not a promising beginning. Lordi is doing catch bawl-a-long lyrics, powerful riffs – the result is a straight Lordi rocker. The Abusement Park starts with hot roller coaster action, Rovaniemi-style.

3. Grrr!

I did not receive a promotion copy of the album box so that I had to take a copy of the CD to review these seven disc set on the road. When I listened to Grrr! for the first time and listened to the Chewbacca-alike sounds in it, I was really afraid that the copy did not work out. But the rest of the song is just too perfect – even though the lyrics say You make me go Grrr – I just have a bright smile while listening to this one.

4. Ghost Train

Next stop: the Ghost Train – a classic on any fun fair. Welcome to the ride, you’ll never come back definitely sounds promising. The third song of the album – and the third really great listen. It has been cool to listen to Lordi in genres which are not their everyday’s business – but sometimes you just need to do some songs at the center of your talent. Great listen.

5. Carousel

In the Lordi world of music, Carousel is likely already something like a moster power ballad. Mana definitely does not need to go for his quickest hands on the drums, for sure. But there also some soft and rather emotional moments in these monsters – and thus, they create a really great sound in these almost four and a half minutes.

6. House Of Mirrors

Ain’t it amazing how Mr Lordi and his monsters somehow find the right (a bit of too horror-full) sound to all these classic fun fair places. This time the special maze is giving you the opportunity to be face to face with the devils, according to the lyrics. Straight track, which simply leaves behind an impression. Cool one.

7. Pinball Machine

Is there another song with Udo Dirkschneider? No, Lordi do that sound all by themselves. Masterous work on the bass and the guitar and an entertaining alternation on the vocal side. Thumbs up.

8. Nasty, Wild & Naughty

Even though the song is coming with a nice melody, I rather feel that Nasty, Wild & Naughty does not really fit into this set of songs. Not too bad done and a straight rocker, but I don’t want to leave this place of fun and entertainment yet. Maybe a song about a shooting gallery massacre would have been more Lordi-alike.

9. Rollercoaster

Loopings, drops and sudden direction changes – the five monsters take us to the Rollercoaster in this third last song of the album. Mana has a lot to do on this song. The chorus is surprisingly melodic. The song is rather in average range.

10. Up To No Good

That’s a song we know already from the Killection album. Powerful and stomping – with a lot of potential to have fun with your monsters in crime during a concert. It used to be a good song when it initially has been released – and the small adoptions lead to an even better one.

11. Merry Blah Blah Blah

There will also be a three track Christmas EP in December – so Mr. Lordi needs to bring you in the festive mood. The end of this set of fun fair rides feels just right for this greeting. The melody has the right level of kitsch for these days. Mr. Lordi’s style of singing and the lyrics might be rather on the alternative side of x-mas:

All the sincere wishes come true
I put vengeance on my wish list and that’s what Santa brought
So have a merry something and a happy blah blah blah

Nonetheless, this Christmas market reference feels a bit strange under all the other songs.


Lordi – Abusement Park – Streaming

Abusement Park will be available on streaming services from 28th January 2022.


Lordi – Abusement Park – My View

Abusement Park starts so great – unbfortunately, the second half of the album also shows some rather weak spots. The album is still a good one, but due to that just misses a place at the sun in my review gallery.


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