jackie – Hey Angel EP

jackie - Hey Angel



4.4/5 Pros

  • Six very different indie-pop/rock songs
  • Very nice stories and vocals
  • Entertaining release

The indie-rock trio jackie from Toronto break the traditional release calendar: while most singles and especially albums and EPs are published on Friday, they release Hey Angel on a Thursday. Their six track EP is available for their fans and followers already on 27th January 2022. I already had a listen.



jackie – About The Artists

jackie are an Ontario indie-rock / indie-pop trio, which is named after their lead singer, Jackie Mohr. The other band members are Marc Girardin and Max Trefler. In 2020, they debuted with the EP New at Drugs. The opening title track Unspun has been their most successful song so far – it has almost made 900k streams on Spotify.


jackie – Hey Angel – Track by Track

The six track EP lasts 24 minutes.

1. My Best Years

A touch of 1990’s, a bit of Alanis Morisette, good melodies and a present voice: My Best Years has been the first song I ever heard of from jackie – and I already felt that this new musical relationship could be a good one. Nice, rhythmic pop-rock sound.

2. Love To Give

I’ve got no more love to give
Someone left with the last of it
So if you plan on fixing it
Then fix me completely.

The second song is much darker, more dramatic and has a nice bass melody line with a strong groove. Quite a contrast to the first song, but a really good listen.

3. Right This Time (Don’t Wanna Be)

The strumming guitar sounds at the beginning of Right This Time (Don’t Wanna Be) already leads to a bit of folk-pop spirit in this song. The third track has some ease, for sure, and makes you move to the music. Very atmospheric and  catching chorus.

4. Leaving Tomorrow (Figure It Out)

The fourth song has been one of the tracks Jackie Mohr and her band mates have already released before this EP. The song is a slow one, rather dreamy. The chorus has a very catching, groovy vibe.

5. Filter

The chorus of Filter comes with a very clear, catching, also a bit of nostalgic melody line. Again, the song has a bit of a dreamy atmosphere. Lovely work on the vocals as well as on th guitars. Good song.


6. I Can’t Forget The Feeling

jackie close Hey Angel with the longest song. I Can’t Forget The Feeling invests quite some time into a nice atmosphere. The song has a bit of a cheeky touch and thus underlines the indie character. One of my favorites.


jackie – Hey Angel – Spotify

Here is the EP on Spotify:


jackie – Hey Angel – My View

Hey Angel is one of these song compilations I just highly appreciate to run into. The Canadians gave me a lot of fun with six very different songs. Still with little chances to do even better, but already a really good EP.


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