Emily Roberts – thank you for leaving. EP

Emily Roberts - thank you for leaving.



4.1/5 Pros

  • Great voice
  • Nice storytelling
  • Beautiful closing track Cons

  • Minor weak spots

Though Emily Roberts has an international background, she so far majorly became big in her country of birth, Germany. With thank you for leaving., she is releasing her second EP on 1st April 2022. Here are my thoughts.

Emily Roberts – About The Artist

Emily Roberts is the daughter of a British singer-songwriter and a German mother. She was born on 21st May 1993 in Hamburg and started to get into music in her teenage years. In 2016, she released her debut EP Lion’s Heart. Her voice became present to Germans in a Christmas commercial by a discount grocery store. In 2018, the released her first album, Crying over Spilled Milk. Based on a new record deal, she released one of her most successful songs so far in 2019. She wrote In This Together with Patrick Salmy, Ricard Munoz and Thomas Steengaard. The song has also been the title track for the 2020 season of the German version of I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!. 


Emily Roberts – thank you for leaving. – Track by Track

The six track release lasts 17 minutes.

1. Soap

Emily Roberts opens with the track, which recently completely failed at the qualification to find the German song for the Eurovision Song Contest 2022. I agree that Soap would not have the potential to be a winner for Torino 2022, but I feel it is a nice pop diddy with good vibes. Enjoy the listen.

2. Radio

Radio is the latest single release of the EP, together with this EP. The song has a nice R&B touch. A bit of repetitive… But hey, it’s pop – and its vibe definitely makes you move.

3. Boyband Charm

Boyband Charm is even coming with stronger vibes than its predecessor. A song which simply makes me move. Very nice vocal arrangement as well. Simply enjoying the listen.

4. Lipstick Stains

After these two a bit of similar tracks, LIpstick Stains almost feels a bit of surprising. The song is slower and has a majestic and very energetic touch. Nice contrast.

5. Hemingway

Regarding the streaming statistics, the rhythmic Hemmingway has been the least-beloved song of the pre-released singles of the EP. I can relate to it. The slow track is too rhythmic to create a good ballad feeling, the falsetto parts don’t really touch me too much as well.

6. Dinosaurs

In the closing song of her 2022 EP, is not traveling back as far back in time as the title might suggest. The song is nothing but a die-hard breakup ballad. To me, the best song of the EP, great storytelling, very nicely arranged emotions.


Emily Roberts – thank you for leaving. – Spotify

Here is thank you for leaving. on Spotify:


Emily Roberts – thank you for leaving. – My View

I really enjoyed listening to these six songs. There are some minor downs, but a lot of positive thoughts in this 2022 single. Emily Roberts comes with really nice stories and a beautiful voice. A good pop listen. in Hamburg

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