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4.0/5 Pros

  • Very beautiful storytelling
  • Characteristic style and fluent listen Cons

  • A bit of monotony here and there

From the screen to the music streaming platforms. Yellowstone actor Luke Grimes is also a very talented musician. Two of his songs, No Horse To Ride and Hold On already made far more than ten million streams each on Spotify only. On 8th March 2023, he has been releasing his debut album. I had a listen to the self-titled publication.


Luke Grimes – About The Artist

Luke Timothy Grimes was born in Dayton, Ohio, on 21st January 1984. Since 2006, he is working as an actor. His most prominent roles are likely Marc Lee in American Sniper and Kayce Dulton in Yellowstone, where he is still active. His musical career kicked off in 2022, when he released the single No Horse To Ride. The song has been streamed over 25 million times on Spotify. After several single releases, he released the eight track EP Pain Pills or Pews in October 2023.


Luke Grimes – Luke Grimes – Track by Track

The thirteen song album lasts 42 minutes.

1. Burn

The album opener Burn is a typical track of the album promotion campaign. The song is rather on the slow and emotional side. Rather traditional country music in a rather unfussy style – just in the style of the good, old Three chords and the truth spirit. Nice one.

2. Playin’ On The Tracks

No I never grow up
I’ll never slow down
If you can’t hear the train whistle
Listen up, ’cause it’s leavin’ town

The verses of the song are rather slow and quiet. However, Playin’ On The Tracks creates a lovely vibe and also has some nice post-chorus elements. Especially that section stays in your mind.

3. Hold On

How could I argue against that song, which has been that successful? Regarding its style and vibes, the song reminds of its predecessor. However, the chorus does not stand out that much, compared to the verses. This leads to a beautiful, gentle and harmonic listen.

4. Black Powder

After this rather gentle start of Luke Grimes, the guitars leave a more intense mark for the first time in here. Black Powder is country music with a strong rock’n’roll heart. The song does not even reach a duration of two minutes (and is thus the shortest one in the house) – but it does stay in your mind. Nice one.

5. Ghost Of Who We Were

Ghost Of Who We Were is going back to a very gentle and slow sound. If you are looking for emotional songs presented by a characteristic singer, this song is a straight selection for your rather romantic country playlist. Really nice one!

Are you happy? Do you miss me?
Are you dancing with our memory?
Did you get everything that you wanted?
Or are you haunted by the ghost of who we were?

6. Oh Ohio

When Oh Ohio was released almost a year before the album, Grimes described it as less of a song about leaving home and more about losing it. A beautiful song about that topic, which is coming with the same intimate style as most songs of this album.

7. God And A Girl

She leads me to Jesus; loves me like hell
Keeps me believing in more than myself
She picks up the pieces, turns down the demons
I finally found what I never knew that I’d need in this world
God and a girl

Ladies and religion – even though you cannot deny a bit of stereotypical country music in here, the single release is a beauty. Definitely another pick for the romantic song playlist, if you have one.

8. What Angels Do

You go where I go, ain’t afraid of the dark
Can’t help but light up every room
You don’t hold back, you go straight for the heart
And love me right down to the truth

What Angels Do is the emotional highlight of this debut album to me. Thinking about a lost beloved person (Now I’m thanking my lucky stars up above), Luke Grimes wrote this lovely musical love letter. You should definitely give it a listen.

9. No Horse To Ride

No Horse To Ride has been the very first single release by Grimes – and (if you look at Spotify), it has been his most successful song since then. 25 million streams on my preferred streaming platform is quite a strong message. Even though this ninth song of the album is rather short, the melody stays in your mind. A good listen, even though it is not on the very top of my list.

10. Wait For The Rain To Die Down

With Wait For The Rain To Die Down, the album presents a song with a stronger rhythm and more intense guitars. Even though I love the storytelling by Luke Grimes, I feel that this track does add a lot of value to the overall listen. The musician is very good in this kind of sound as well.

11. Ain’t Dead Yet

The eleventh song is the last one on the album, which has already been released. The song has a rather intense groove and nicely works with rhythmic elements. Furthermore, it comes with a nice flow. Gonna love you till I die and I ain’t dead yet is also a nice way of underlining love in lyrics.

12. South On 75

Interstate I-75 connects Northern Michigan with Southern Florida and thus really crossed the country in the Mid West. Thus, it feels like an All-American story when Grimes states Tonight I’m taking a ride South on 75. The song, which is driven by piano tunes and slight drumming, is having a very gentle atmosphere again. Nonetheless, other tracks on this album touch me quicker and more intense.

13. Worst Of Me

Shall you close an album with the Worst Of Me? Might be too negative at the very end of Luke Grimes. The song, however, is again a love song, which finally turns out into a lovely write, especially on the lyrics side.

I don’t know that I was broken
Or just in need of repair
Until I looked around
And only you were there
Throwing out the stories
Half-written in my mind
You helped me leave
The worst of me behind


Luke Grimes – Luke Grimes – Spotify

Here is the album on Spotify:


Luke Grimes – Luke Grimes – My View

I struggle a bit with this set of thirteen songs. Individually, the vast majority of them are really good songs. However, there is a certain monotony in Luke Grimes – and too few songs like Black Powder break out from it. That’s a pity. Luke Grimes really underlines that he is an excellent and talented storyteller. The more you focus on that, the more you will love this album.

Favorite Song: What Angels Do in Indianapolis

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