Sykamore – California King EP

Sykamore - California King EP



4.3/5 Pros

  • Five lovely songs
  • Great voice and storywriting
  • Love to listen to her Cons

  • Would love to have one very powerful song

Rhett Akins once said about Sykamore “I read her name, I was curious…I saw her face, I was intrigued…I heard her voice, I was done”. Does sound promising, doesn’t it? On 3rd April 2020, the Canadian artist released her second EP, California King. I ran into the EP while scanning country music releases – it was not as much love as Akins felt to her already at first sight, but I definitely felt that I should share her songs with you.


Sykamore – About The Artist

Sykamore’s birth name is Jordan Ostrom. She was born and grew up in Carseland, a suburb of Calgary. She is doing music since 2013. Her first success was being nominated for the Discovery Award of the Canadian Country Music Association. She signed at Home Team Publishing in Nashville in 2017, after Rhett Akins discovered her on Twitter. In 2018, she independently released her debut EP Self + Medicine, which among other songs included the song below, Better Half. In 2019, she signed at Music Know Records. California King is her second EP.


Sykamore – California King – Track by Track

The five song EP lasts 16 minutes

1. Record High

I got a highway to Hell to get me outta here
I got a stairway to Heaven to keep my feet on the ground
I got an Amarillo by morning to get me through the night
Everything’s gonna be alright, I will survive
I’m on a record high
I’m on a record high

The happy-sounding cheeky Record High opens the California King EP. After listening to this song for less than a minute, I already decided to add this review to Nice voice, great production and cool storytelling. Good start!

2. Where To Find Me

Where to find me is a bit slower and more thoughtful than the first track of the EP. Again, I just enjoy listening to Sykamore, good song.

3. Out of Luck

Out of Luck is a rather slow with a lot of focus on Sykamore’s voice – I just enjoy to listen to her.

If you only get one
A single shot at love
If you only get one
Then, boy, I’m outta luck
If you’re only meant for someone
Tailor-made and custom
If you only get one
Then, boy, we’re outta luck

4. California King

You’re such a California king
The kind you fall for at seventeen
Look in the mirror and you’ll see
The man of your dreams
You’re the leading man, you’re so Hollywood
A sidewalk star in your neighborhood
But you think you’re James damn Dean
Such a California king

The title track is my favorite of the EP. Great song, very melodic, catching.

5. Local Singles

Your local singles, drinkin’ doubles
Either gettin’ in or stayin’ out of trouble
Your local singles, drinkin’ doubles
Flyin’ solo Friday night
This good time brought to you by
Your local singles, ooh-ooh

This song makes me smile most, definitely. A joyful party track, great for a dance. Could imagine that this is one of the highlights, when Sykamore is on stage.


Sykamore – California King – Spotify

Here is the Spotify widget to Sykamore’s EP:


Sykamore – California King – My View

Nice one! Full stop. Five well produced songs, great to listen to. There could be a more variety in it, but the last two tracks give some great highlights. Sykamore definitely sets a great statement of her talents, I am looking forward to listen to more music by this Canadian artist.


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