Charly Klauser – Mehr

Charly Klauser - Mehr



3.9/5 Pros

  • Beautiful storytelling
  • Great arrangements and musical atmosphere Cons

  • Some songs with weaker substance

Even though Charly Klauser is active in the German music scene since almost two decades, her album Mehr (“More”) released on 24th June 2022 is in fact her debut one. I ran into the ten songs of the Greater Cologne resident on a promotion platform and felt to share my thoughts with you.


Charly Klauser – About The Artist

Charlotte Klauser was born on 16th July 1990 in Bergisch Gladbach, right East of Cologne. Apart from doing solo music, she is also producing and writing songs. Klauser is playing multiple instruments and won a nationwide children competition as a violinist in 1999. Apart from collaboration with multiple German artists, she majorly became famous as part of two band acts, the jazz duo Cold Fusion (in the late 2000’s) and the 2005 founded alternative rock band The Black Sheep. In 2018, she released her solo debut EP, Complicated Life.


Charly Klauser – Mehr – Track by Track

The ten track album lasts 40 minutes. There is also a physical version with three additional tracks (alternative versions of songs of this album).

1. Wenn wir wüssten

Interesting way to open the album: Charly Klauser reads something like a diary entry, before the almost six minute track (with a long outro) is starting. The song is very powerful and energetic, even coming with some background choir. A very atmospheric, almost hymnic first song.

2. Tür auf, Tür zu

Are we in the Lion King II sound track yet? Tür auf, Tür zu (“Door open, door closed”) feels like an African style, rhythmic song – just like the melodic part of a Disney movie. Fascinating, fairy tale-alike with a bit of kitsch and a lot of beauty – definitely a song which stays in your mind.

3. Mehr

Ist das wirklich alles – ist es das, worum es wirklich geht? (“Is that all? Is that what everything is really about”). The fourth song introduces a very different signature again. Especially the later parts of the pop track are full of energy, even including a bit of anger. Nice listen.

4. Alles macht dann Sinn

Regarding the topic, the fourth song nicely connects to its predecessor. The key question of it is Ist das wirklich das, was ich will? – “Is this really what I want?”. A song about struggling about life. However, the track is not that pessimistic or melancholic as it may sound like. Again, there is this beautiful, gentle sound Charly Klauser already created in previous tracks of the album. Nice.

5. Was in aller Welt

The fifth track is a beautiful, gentle piano ballad. In the second half of the song, Klauser is experimenting with some unexpected elements (don’t tell you too much, give it a listen…). Still, a beautiful atmosphere.

6. 100 Jahre

The title of the six track translates to “100 Years”. The first chords of the song remind me of some alternative country recordings. Finally, there is definitely a nice Americana touch in this song, which feels very confident and straight. Nice song with a really good instrumental arrangement.

7. Ich muss gar nichts

This song stated “I don’t have to do anything”. Again, there are influences of country and rock in this rather angry song. The song is more and more moving towards an alternative rock track, even having a bit of a psychedelic touch. Not bad – but definitely not my favorite song of the album.

8. Anderer Tag

Anderer Tag (“Another Day”) is another rather epic track, which almost lasts five minutes. A beautiful, gentle musical story about a break-up. The key message is that the beloved person would be a great partner – at another day, another time. After the bridge’s statement Doch ich schaff’ es nicht zu gehen (“But I don’t manage to leave”), the song surprises with some rock qualities.

9. Im Überall

For CD buyers, this song, Im Überall, is also recorded as a live orchestra version in the bonus track section. The story of the song comes with different situation, different moods. Beautiful lyrics, beautiful sounds – like a short opera or a musical song.

10. Zuhaus

The regular part of the album closes with Zuhaus, “At Home”. Similar to other songs, Charly Klauser recorded a theatric story, using elements like a very present background choir. Again, this could also be a song of a musical. Lovely arrangement and storytelling.


Charly Klauser – Mehr – Spotify

Here is Mehr on Spotify:


Charly Klauser – Mehr – My View

I simply love how Charly Klauser is arranging music. There are ups and downs in Mehr (which finally also prevent a very high album rating), but the way the Rheinland artist is arranging instruments and sounds around her story is beautiful. Thus, I recommend a listen – of course, especially, if you at least understand a bit of German.


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