Al Lewis – Moving On Moving Past EP

Al Lewis - Moving On Moving Past



4.4/5 Pros

  • Six really nice folk-pop songs
  • Lovely lyrics
  • Very nice voice

Folk music from Wales: a promotion platform offered me to listen to Moving On Moving Past by Al Lewis. As I already liked the first snippets I listened to, I decided to share my thoughts with you. The release date of the EP is 3rd December 2021.


Al Lewis – About The Artist

Al Lewis is a Welsh singer-songwriter born in 1984 in Pwllheli. He is releasing songs in English as well as in Welsh. The latter made him famous as placing second in a Welsh language music show on BBC Cymru (the Welsh edition of the BBC) in 2007. The same year, he released his debut EP Byw mewn Breuddwyd. Later during his career, he also released two albums labeled as Al Lewis Band as well as one album, Ghost (2016), alongside Alva Leigh. The duo was named Lewis & Leigh. Moving On Moving Past is already the sixth EP by the British artist. The previous one, however, is dated as of 2012.


Al Lewis – Moving On Moving Past – Track by Track

The six track EP lasts 21 minutes.

1. Moving On Moving Past

The guitar, the fiddle and the guitar and some rhythm – the title track does not need too much to be catching from the very beginning. Nice folk track with the ease of a pop song, nice.

2. Golden Light

Golden Light is one of the central songs of the EP. The song is about how the sun and light are cheering us up and influence our mood. The song feels more energetic than the opener and thus stays in your mind even more than its predecessor. My favorite track of the Moving On Moving Past.

3. Tonight at the Lion

Tonight at the Lion is going for slower and quieter melodies. Regarding the lyrics, this is maybe the most beautiful track on the album. Lewis describes what is happening in a local pub.

Tonight at the Lion
I see a whole damn town
how to drink and drown
Laughing tears into their beers
Singing “It’s Friday, I’m in love”

4. Calling My Name (In The Night)

You still keep calling my name in the night – the fourth song is again working with simple, but catching melodies and beautiful storytelling. And, somehow, any music publication needs to praise love.

5. Sunshine in Sorrow

With some 4:22 minutes, Sunshine in Sorry is the longest song of the album. A beautiful, gentle song, which has a nice harmony of the guitar and piano sounds. Al Lewis’s songs rather work with his lovely voice and the lyrics, though. The one minute is a nice investment – it adds a really nice dramatic plot to the typical sound of the songs before.

6. A Place Called Home

The EP closes with the happy sound of A Place Called Home. A song which is praising family life, but also leaving you with a bright smile. Lovely final one.


Al Lewis – Moving On Moving Past – Spotify

Here is Moving On Moving Past on Spotify:


Al Lewis – Moving On Moving Past – My View

The Welsh artist Al Lewis does a lovely collection of six songs here. While the instrumental part has some similarities, I loved to be part of his songs and stories. Nice folk-pop with ease, but not on the thin side. Thumbs up for this one, really enjoyed the listen.


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