Martha Wainwright – Love Will Be Reborn

Martha Wainwright - Love Will Be Reborn



2.1/5 Pros

  • Good lyrics Cons

  • Push too much into a musical arts directions
  • Very deep and difficult song structure
  • Too tiring for me to listen tot the songs.

Almost five years after her previous album Goodnight City, Martha Wainwright is back in the record stores. On 20th August 2021, she is releasing her new album Love Will Be Rebord. I already had a listen to the music of the USCanadian artist.


Martha Wainwright – About The Artist

Martha Wainwright is a folk and rock singer-songweiter. She was born on 8th May 1976 in Montreal, but apart from the Canadian roots, she is also holding the US citizenship. She is active as a professional musician since the mid-1990’s. in 1997, she release her debut album Ground Floor, which did not lead to measurable commercial success. Eight years later, her self titled second album already made it into the Top 50 of the US Heat Charts, but also in Norway, Sweden and the United Kingdom. Her biggest success on the album charts is likely her 2008 release, I Know You’re Married But I’ve Got Feelings Too. The album made it to the sixth spot in Canada and to the tenth in the US Heat charts. Howevr, it was also Top 20 in Australia, Denmark, Norway and Sweden. Love will Be Reborn is her sixth studio album is her sixth studio album, it will be released on CD, vinyl and digital.


Martha Wainwright – Love Will Be Reborn – Track by Track

The eleven track album lasts 49 minutes.

1. Middle of the Lake

The album opens with Middle of the Lake. The song comes with a rather steady melody, on which Wainwright puts very different singing styles. This leads to a somehow thrilling, but also confusing listen. I don’t get too well into this track.

2. Getting Older

I’m getting older, I need your shoulder
I need your love and I need your blood
I want your honey, I’ll take your money
I’ll pay you back, I’ll get the cash.

The song deals with ageing. The song is more melodic and also more dramatic than the first song. The song almost feels to try to force you to give your full attention to it – but I just don’t want to. This gives me a hard time to connect to it.

3. Love Will Be Reborn

The title track is the third one on the album – and also the first one which has been released as a single (regarding the order of songs in the album). The rhythm makes the song feel easier and gives it a touch of pop music. The song is also having a touch of having a chorus. Overall, this leads to a much better and easier listening experience.

4. Being Right

Being Right has quite some energy. The guitars are able to show more powerful chords than in the songs above, which sometimes lead to a touch of rock music. However, the track still feels very gloomy, especially during the verses. Well-written music does not necessary be equivalent to easy listens.

5. Report Card

Bring me your report card I want to read it again
while I put you empty clothes into an empty bin
I can hardly make it through my gin
without crying a river and wanted it to end.

I more and more feel that the tracks are just too deep for me. Wainwright creates a nice spirit. the acoustic guitar is played with master precision and the arrangements are good. These songs demand a deep listen, doing nothing in parallel. Doing this at Report Card, which has a total playtime of 6:06 minutes, feels to be too much of a challenge to me.

6. Body and Soul

Another 5:17 minutes – but I have to give in that I can listen much better to Body and Soul than to its predecessor. One key factor is the more versatile melody – another one is the vocal performance, which I can relate to much better.

7. Hole In My Heart

Hole In My Heart has a very catching start and overall feels like a song which has a certain potential for airplay in non-niche genre radio station. A good work between powerful guitar riffs and a constantly well vocal performance. Very good listen – the song is my favorite on Love Will Be Reborn.

8. Justice

I feel that the melody of Justice is one of the best ones on the album. On the other hand, the song are just taking too much attention of me. Pop music made in a very demanding way.

9. Sometimes

Sometimes every once in a while I get the feeling that i just don’t care
Sometimes every once in a while there’s love in the air
i know every once in a while you’re bound to break my back
but sometimes every once in a while I’ve learned to fight back

This track almost comes with psychedelic elements, mixed into a nice folk rocker. Bad luck – there are parts of this song which give me a really enjoyable listen. But the overall 4:10 minutes feel too confusing to me.

10. Rainbow

Rainbow starts in a way that I feel tempted to choose between the skip button and the fast forward. Here and then, Rainbow has lovely folk rock passages. But overall, it creates feelings similar to the songs before.

11. Falaise de Malaise

The album closes with a French lyrics track. Due to a lack of knowledge of the language, I have no idea what Martha Wainwright is singing. But the song is one of the best of the album. Just because it comes with so much more harmony than other tracks.


Martha Wainwright – Love Will Be Reborn – Spotify

Here is Love Will Be Reborn on Spotify:


Martha Wainwright – Love Will Be Reborn – My View

You already read it in the track by track comments. Martha Wainwright does not feel to give me a chance to get into her songs. I can read the lyrics, I can relate to them somehow – but as a song, they are just too much, too deep, too artificial to me. Same is valid for the sound of the Love Will Be Reborn tracks here and there. I am sure some culture critics will love these songs for being as they are. But I really have to put too much energy into this album, just to be able to listen to it.


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