Songs Of The Week (week of 19th April 2024)

Taylor Swift, Pearl Jam and many more – this weekend is packed with great new album releases. Nonetheless, the week was also full of really interesting single releases as well. Time for a new Songs of the Week episode. My album coverage will be reduced until mid-May 2024, majorly as the floorball season is going into crunch time. However, there will be quite a lot of concerts ahead. From 19th April 2024 to 21st May, I am planning to be in the photographers’ pit seven times.


Fabian Kuhn – The Only Thing

Fabian Kuhn released his debut EP Constellations in February 2024. I felt it is really enjoyable, even if there was a bit of a lack of new track. Now, the German artist from Düren near Cologne is releasing a new song, The Only Thing. I really love that track somewhere between folk, pop and rock.


Beatsteaks – Detractors

The rock / punk band from Berlin is taking their final steps towards their new album. Please will be released end of June 2024. Detractors is a very hymnic new release, which reminds me of Fury in the Slaughterhouse. Very promising track.


Man Man – Tastes Like Metal

Another act which is about to release a new album, is Man Man. The band from Philadelphia will share Carrot on Strongs on 7th June 2024. The very melodic Tastes like Metal does not sound like metal, but is a lovely listen.


Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats – Heartless

The US-American Americana artist from St. Louis is soon about to head off to Europe for a rather extensive tour in June and July 2024. Before the South of Here tour, he is sharing a new single release, Heartless. Lovely one!


Robert Grace – Reasons

Single releases by Robert Grace typically make it to my Songs of the Week. The Irish singer-songwriter is simply an amazing artist to me. This one is another really great release somewhere between folk and pop.


Ö5 Michael Gritzner – Sommer 95′ (NOT SPOTIFY)

The band Ö5 around Austrian artist Michael Gritzner is thinking back about the “Summer 95”. A nice pop track with a touch of country and folk, which is looking back to lovely memories. I really like this release.


Tim Bendzko – Komm Schon!

Tim Bendzko has become one of the big names in the German pop music scene. The Berlin-born artist and his song Komm Schon! will be featured during the soccer Euro 2024. Nice track.


Sebastian Krumbiegel – Der Führer hätte sich gefreut

Leipzig-born Sebastian Krumbiegel is especially known as front singer of the band Die Prinzen. He also politically very active. This song is a song against nationalist tendencies in Germany – the title translates to “Der Führer would have been happy”.


Lune – Bra Gawra Min

Bra Gawra Min means “Elder Brother”. The 2002 German singer and rapper with Kurdish roots has grown significantly in the German music scene. Her 2023 self-titled debut album made it up to the 12th spot in the German Album Charts. A really impressing song full of emotions.


Tina Naderer – Game Over

Austrian Tina Naderer stepped into focus by being part in the 2017 The Voice of Germany. This week, she is releasing the catching German pop track Game Over. Nice, modern track.


Wankelmut & Coach Harrison – In The End

German DJ Wankelmut and Coach Harrison join forces in this dance pop release. Enjoy the vibes of In The End.


Fanni – Selfish

Fanni Bodnar aka Fanni is an Austrian pop artist. This week, she is sharing her new track Selfish. A really nice, modern pop song.


Vingard – Save Your Worries

The next song on my list of new releases is Save Your Worries by the Danish singer-songwriter Vingard. A fine track with a present beat and a fine melody.


Christoph Sakwerda – Herztausch

After releasing his debut EP in 2023, Christoph Sakwerda from Dessau had a headline tour through Germany in February 2024. Now, he is releasing a new song. Herztausch (“Heart Exchange”) is coming with a lot of feelings and wise storytelling. “We are closing a deal, and I just do it with you”. Really nice.


James Arthur x Kelly Clarkson – From The Jump (duet version)

British singer James Arthur is pairing up with US-American star Kelly Clarkson this week. Together, they are releasing a new version of Arthur’s classic From The Jump. The duet version is working out lovely.


Cigarettes After Sex – Dark Vacay

The list of new releases as of this week is closed by the US-american indie rock band Cigarettes After Sex. Their very atmospheric track Dark Vacay is a very intense listen.  On 12th July 2024, they will release their new album X. In late August, they are heading on their world tour, most European dates are in November.


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