Russell Dickerson – Southern Symphony

Russell Dickerson - Southern Symphony



4.4/5 Pros

  • Wide range of songs
  • Great country rock - but also intimate moments

With his debut album Yours and the corresponding single, Russell Dickerson won the hearts of country music fans worldwide. The more, fans are looking forward to his second album, Southern Symphony, which will be released on 4th December 2020. Here is a review.


Russell Dickerson – About The Artist

Russell Edward Dickerson was born on 7th May 1987 in Union City, Tennessee. The musical career of the singer-songwriter started in 2011, one year after he finished his Bachelor degree at Belmont University, Nashville, with the self-released EP Die To Live Again. While this EP and the songs on it did not lead to too much commercial success, his next single was Yours in 2015.  The song started slow, but also became the title track of his second EP in 2016, which climbed up in the charts and topped the US Heat as well as made it to the 14th spot in the US Country charts. This also boosted the song yours, which became a huge airplay hit and finally made it to two platinum records. The YouTube video solely has 53 million streams. In October 2017, Yours also became the title track of Russell Dickerson’s debut album, which peaked 5th in the US country charts and included two more chart-toppers in the US Airplay, Blue Tacoma and Every Little Thing. Both hits ranked fifth in the US Country charts and received a platinum record each – the latter also topped the Canadian country charts as well.


Russell Dickerson – Southern Symphony – Track by Track

The ten track album lasts 33 minutes.

1. Never Get Old

Russell Dickerson is ensuring we are having a good time from the very beginning: Never Get Old is a straight and very rocking modern country tune. Really good starter.

2. Home Sweet

Home sweet, you and me
Ain’t got much but we got all we need
Wherever the wind blows
Wherever this life goes

Home Sweet is a very similar tune. Very well produced, very catching , just a good mood track.

3. All Yours, All Night

All Yours, All Night is a modern country song, which has a significant touch of Nashville mainstream. I liked the first two songs more, but it is not too bad.

4. Love You Like I Used To

I don’t love you like I used to
This gets better every time you
Kiss me like this
It’s stronger the longer I’m with you
It’s more than every single day before
Didn’t know I could ever love you
More than I did, but baby I do
I don’t love you like I used to

This song, one of the singles released before the album, is a bit softer than the two starters. This does not lead to worse song. Russell Dickerson writes good stuff, no doubt!

5. Forever For A Little While

Forever For A Little While describes how a beautiful time feels to be everlasing. On the musical side, Russell Dickerson is doing the typical Russell Dickerson: country with a big shot of rock music. Great music, especially for the next turn of summer festivals.

6. It’s About Time (ft. Florida Georgia Line)

The latest release of Russell Dickerson, alongside Florida Georgia, states that It’s about time for a drink. I am not too much a fan of combining country music with hip-hop / rap, but at least the rocking guitars please my music soul again. Cheers!

7. Honey

The powerful Honey stomps with full country-rock force. Don’t dare to feel that Russell Dickerson’s songs might be a bit too similar here and there – he will be surprising you with surprises like that one – which due to its unique style is definitely one of my favorite parts of the Southern Symphony.

8. Southern Symphony

The title track describes Southern States’ lifestyle. The song does not feature powerful electric guitars, but rather feels like a ballad (even though it has some quite rhythmic parts as well). Beautiful musical love letter to Russell Dickerson’s home.

9. Come To Jesus

A very classic modern country melody – and a love song with a Christian reference. Ain’t that somehow the American country music lover’s dream? Good one!

10. Waiting For You My Whole Life

The album closes with the rather rhythmic Waiting For You My Whole Life, with is just having a lot of power and presence. Great listen.


Russell Dickerson – Southern Symphony – Spotify

Here is Southern Symphony on Spotify:


Russell Dickerson – Southern Symphony – My View

Well done, Russell Dickerson. The album illustrates how good the very gifted artist is when he is doing his comfort-zone music (i.e. modern country music with a lot of rock music tunes) – but on the other hand, Southern Symphony shows a couple of really nice departures from this sound as well. Russell Dickerson does them all in style – and is thus a Nashville artist which I would still see as underrated. Very good one!


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