Dagny – Strangers / Lovers EP

Dagny - Strangers / Lovers



3.7/5 Pros

  • Six good pop songs
  • Talented artist with a memorable voice Cons

  • Maybe a bit too brave - similar songs
  • Not catchy enough

There were a lot of new EPs on my list on 22nd May 2020. Nevertheless, one song collection I was really looking forward to was Strangers / Lovers, the EP by Norwegian artist Dagny. I happened to run into her songs just a couple of weeks before the release.


Dagny – About The Artist

Dagny Norvoll Sandvik was born on 23rd July 1990 in Tromso in Northern Norway. Both of her parents are in music business as well – they are doing jazz. Dagny had her initial success on Spotify, which aroused interest among some record companifes. Her breakthrough was the 2016 single Backbeat, which has also been featured in the Grey’s Anatomy TV series. So far, her songs only lead to chart placements in Norway, the most successful was Somebody, which peaked 22nd in the Norwegian charts and is part of Strangers / Lovers. Partnering the Norwegian producers Seeb, she made it to the second spot in her home country’s charts with Drink About (Sweden: 25th). Strangers / Lovers is her second EP after Ultraviolet, which has been released in September 2016.


Dagny – Strangers / Lovers – Track by Track

The EP contains six tracks and lasts 19 minutes:

1. Come Over

The EP starts with a powerful pop track, which Dagny already released in February 2020. Cool music, radio-style.

2. Somebody

The clear and high voice of Dagny is just her asset in Somebody. Very well done pop production which is a good listen from its very beginning.

3. Paris

You’ve been worrying too much again
How we can afford the rent
And how our friends are still at ease
Now you talkin’ ’bout the places you
Always wanted to take me to
And how there’s so much we should see

Dagny is creating a nice atmopshere in here song. Paris has quite some echo. Again a good easy listening pop song with some rhythm.

4. Let Me Cry

Though Let Me Cry is a bit slower than some of the tracks before, the songs on the EP are quite similar, unfortunately. A relaxed, lounge-alike atmosphere with a rhythm which just makes you move – classic pop. Would hope for some surprise in the songs.

5. Coulda Woulda Shoulda

Coulda Woulda Shoulda is likely the track on the album with the strongest rhythm. By that, it feels to be the most “modern” song on the album. Definitely a bit of outstanding on the album.

6. Tension

The first twenty seconds of this song are string sounds only. The track is significantly slower and to me the most intense listening by that.


Dagny – Strangers / Lovers – Spotify

Here is the Spotify widget for Strangers / Lovers:


Dagny – Strangers / Lovers – My View

Dagny is an interesting new pop music act from Scandinavia. Strangers / Lovers shows a lot of her potential and gives six solid to good pop songs. Not sure if this EP is strong enough to spread her music from very Northern Norway to other parts of Europe. Dagny made me smile, definitely – and I hope to listen to more material of her soon.


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