Mickey Guyton – Bridges EP

Mickey Guyton - Bridges



4.1/5 Pros

  • Six good to very good songs
  • The EP touches multiple genres

While listening to the Living Instead podcast series by Olivia Lane, Mickey Guyton was one of the most interesting people Olivia chatted with. She was one the one hand giving interesting insights about the life of an independent artist – but also how it is like to be an Afro-American female artist in the white and male dominated country music scene. After some really promising songs of Guyton, I was looking forward to her 2020 EP. Bridges has been released on 11th September 2020.


Mickey Guyton – About The Artist

Candace Mycale Guyton was born on 17th June 1983 in Arlington, Texas. After some minor success in childhood years, she received some nationwide presence when competing for the 2014 American Idol, though she did not make the cut to the Top 24. At that point in time, she already had an EP, Unbreakable, which had a reasonable US Heat Chart position. The following year, she released another EP (self-titled), which featured the quite successful Better Than You Left Me. After a single each in 2016 and 2017, it took quite a while until Guyton appeared back in the music scene. Three of the six Bridges songs have already been published in 2020.


Mickey Guyton – Bridges – Track by Track

The six song EP lasts 19 minutes:

1. Heaven Down Here

The EP starts with the strong single Heaven Down Here. A touch of country, a bit of pop – just a nice fusion – and a clear message That We Could Use a little more heaven down here. Lovely!

2. Bridges

What if we took these stones we’ve been throwin’?
What if we laid ’em down?
What if we forget all that we know and
Make some common ground
What if I reach for you, you reach for me, close the distance?
What if that space between changed, if we started building
Bridges, bridges, bridges

Bridges is defintely more of a pop track than a country song. The song is very good to listen, though – you get into the track from the very beginning. Really like that!

3. What Are You Gonna Tell Her?

Mickey Guyton is an awesome singer – and What Are You Gonna Tell Her? is just the perfect proof for that. A deep ballad, which may sound a bit strange at the beginning – but as soon as the piano takes over the melodic part, it is just magical. Love it!

4. Rosé

Rose reminds me of the cheeky sound of Kelsea Ballerini. It has a lot of summer vibes, even a touch of reggae. Beautiful good mood track.

5. Salt

Yeah, she’ll break you’re heart
Like it doesn’t matter
Yeah, she’ll play the part
Just to climb the ladder
She’s got you blind but I see it all
You think you’re getting sugar
But boy, you’re getting salt

This song is so enjoyable to me. I like how Mickey Guyton is using different music styles – this track has quite some pop, but also R’n’B in it. More than that, I love her songwriting. Great song, great story.

6. Black Like Me

Black Like Me was one of the country anthems at the beginning of the BLM movement. Great ballad. Very deep song – a really beauty.


Mickey Guyton – Bridges – Spotify

Here is the Spotify widget to the Bridges EP:


Mickey Guyton – Bridges – My View

No doubt, Mickey Guyton’s Bridges is in the upper class. Six good songs, very different sounds and styles – the EP is a great showcase of her styles and talent. Unfortunately, I feel that there is even more potential in her. But before there is too much critics, enjoy the songs.


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