The Keltics – 9

The Keltics - 9



4.1/5 Pros

  • Entertaining Irish Folk style songs
  • Nice range of tracks
  • Some fun songs

Call it Irish Folk or Kilt-Rock – The Keltics already have quite a long band history. They are not from Ireland at all, but from Fassberg in Lower Saxony, Germany. On 4th March 2022 they are releasing the album 9. Not too hard to guess that this one is the band’s ninth album. The collection of originals has been recorded due to the support of a crowdfunding campaign.


The Keltics – About The Artists

The Keltics are a seven member band. The lead is Thys Bouma, the Dutch singer. The other band members are Dennis Huhn (guitar), Kim Thorben Hansen (accordion, keyboard), Alex Kirchhoff (drums), Eric Gerischer (pipes), Kai Schamberger (bass) and Reiner Addi Adler (banjo, guitar). Apart from their music, they also became rather famous due to their comparably high age. The band exists already since some thirty years, though. They already played big festivals like Wacken.


The Keltics – 9 – Track by Track

The twelve song album lasts 41 minutes.

1. My Father Always Said

Nice, rhythmic guitar strumming with additional instrumental sounds – The Keltics start their 2022 music experience just as you would expect them to sound alike. Swinging vibes with lyrical storytelling.

2. Endless Time

We are drunk and hidden
Obsessed and forbidden
To love you just one night
Our endless time.

Sitting in an Irish pub, swaying to the music the band is playing – Endless Time feels to be the perfect soundtrack for a beer (or two… or three…) with some friends in that atmosphere. Nice accordion melodic lead.

3. Moby Dick (Wooden Leg)

The story of Moby Dick is the first song of the album, which feels like a typical shanty. Nice work on the flutes, which play the key sounds of the main theme.

4. Flowing Down The River

Flowing Down The River feels like the perfect addition to the previous musical story. A bit easier and lighter in sound and story, Flowing Down The River has a slight medieval music touch to me.

5. The Tick Song

Drink, Drink or Tick, Tick? No matter what these guys really sing, this is definitely a song made to have a bunch of pints wint. The track even quotes typical Bavarian beer tent music. Very rocking style.

6. Moonshiner

Similar to Flowing Down The River, that’s the way you imagine Irish folk to sound alike: an easy, light melody line, which even gives the chance to interacti with the band. Nice instruments, including  some harmonica sounds.

7. Drunk Lazy Bastard

If you ever ask yourself how an Irish folk band manages to make it to the metal festival capital of Wacken, Drunk Lazy Bastard is the perfect answer. The song has a nice stomping speed in the chorus and rather slow, swaying style in the verses. Simply catching – and another song you just have to ask for a beer while you are listening (unless you are writing music reviews, of course… 🙂 ).

8. Nine Pints Of Beer

The title of the eighth track already feels to continue on with the alcoholic topics. Very nice stomping rhythm, which makes you feel for a dance. And yeah, these old farts (sorry guys!) still rock. Definitely fun stuff!

9. All Ends Right

All Ends Right lasts almost five minutes. This gives The Keltics the perfect chance to use quite a potpourri of sounds in this track: rocking sounds with hard riffs, bagpipes, very melodic vocals. For all five minutes, I am stuck between enjoying it – and feeling that this one is just too much. I rather feel that the latter option is right.

10. The Captain

The Captain comes with that home-made, straight, somehow simple style of a typical Irish Folk song. Hilarious lyrics.

11. The Gap

The Gap is rather a folk-pop track. The song is very rhythmic. The cheeky presentation of the story leads to a catchy listening experience.

12. Waltzes In The Snow

The only 9 song, which I could find as a release already, is this closing one. Winter and Chrstmas time, The Keltics style. A nice way to close the album,.


The Keltics – 9 – Spotify

Here is the album on Spotify.


The Keltics – 9 – My View

Well done, guys! The twelve songs of 9 really give a nice range of songs, which mostly have a very catching elements and also spread a lot of fun while listening. Some are simply perfect drinking soundtracks. I raise my glass to the Lower Saxons.


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