Songs Of The Week (week of 7th June 2024)

Publishing my Songs of the Week right between two Rock of Ages tour legs would suggest that the song is full of energetic rock songs. However, the set of new releases I really liked this week is rather on the pop side of music. There are even some schlager tracks in here. Hope you nonetheless enjoy listening. And: rockers find some very fine pieces of music towards the end of the list of songs.


Michael Schulte – Beautiful Reason

Michael Schulte is leading my Songs of the Week this time. His pop track Beautiful Reason is a lovely release. The Northern German artist became famous as third placed artist at The Voice of Germany in 2012. Additionally, he released his home country at the Eurovision Song Contest 2018 in Portugal.


Marlon Hammer – Anders sein

19 year-old artist Marlon is releasing music since 2022. Before that, he worked as a street musician. In 2023, he had a major success with his single release Angenehm Kühl. His new song is a straight German pop-rock song.


Ben Zucker – Wir stossen an

When Ben Zucker is releasing music, he is typically in focus of my website. His new song Wir stossen an (“We touch glasses”) is a song about friendship and common memories. A great listen.


Emanuel Reiter – Beste Zeit

Emanuel Reiter is German artist from Bavaria, who is nowadays living in Switzerland. He is working on an album currently. Beste Zeit is a lovely party pop-rock track, which definitely feels promising.


Howard Carpendale – Our Best

Howard Carpendale states We can always do our best. The song is teasing the upgraded release of his album Let’s Do It Again, Again, which will be released on 5th July 2024. Born in Durban, South Africa, Carpendale established as one of the finest artists in the German schlager scene.


Giovanni Zarrella – Fantastico

Giovanni Zarrella is a German-Italian artist, who boosted his career in the German schlager scene the last years. With his latest releases, he is riding on the success wave of Italo-synth-pop, which has majorly been paved by The Kolors. I hope I can make it to one of his Eine italienische Sommernacht (“An Italian Summer Night”) shows he is doing in Germany this summer. Feels like it could be a great time.


Dylan – Perfect Revenge

There are quite a lot of German and German lyrics artist this week – but, of course, I also focus on the international releases. The English pop artist Dylan just returned from her world tour. Now, she is releasing her new one, Perfect Revenge. A great one.


Noa Lone – sabotage

Especially driven by the opening song on my own, the debut EP way up by Noa Lone released early this year has been a big success. The name sounds like a solo artist, but is in fact a synth pop-rock band from Bad Oldesloe in Northern Germany, fronted by the charismatic singer Hanna Dreu. The band is having a couple of gigs in Northern Germany this summer. This song might lead to some more shows very soon.


Pixies – You’re So Impatient

Already this Monday, the Pixies shared their new song You’re So Impatient. The  US-American alternative rock band is originally from Boston and was already very successful in the late 1980’s. After a break-up in 1993, they are active since two decades – and do really fine songs like this.


Deep Purple – Pictures of You

Okay I guess I don’t need to say too much about these Guys. Even though only drummer Ian Paice is the only left founding member of the London band, which started under the name Roundabout, Deep Purple are legends. And they still do great rock songs.


The Offspring – Make It All Right

You listen to Make It All Right for a short while and know that this has to be a The Offspring one. The Orange County punk rockers released this fine track this Friday. The song is teasing their new album Supercharged, which will be released on 11th October 2024.



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