Kylie Morgan – P.S. EP

Kylie Morgan - P.S.



4.5/5 Pros

  • Very good songwriting / stories
  • Seven songs on an EP

When Kylie Morgan released her debut EP Love, Kylie in June 2021, I have simply felt like being in country music love. The more, I looked forward that the artist is releasing another set of songs on 1st July 2022. Kylie’s second EP is simply named P.S.. Here are my thoughts.


Kylie Morgan – About The Artist

Kylie Morgen is an Oklahoma-origin artist. I gave some bio information about her in my Love, Kylie review.


Kylie Morgan – P.S. – Track by Track

The seven track EP lasts 20 minutes

1. Independent With You

Can I stand on my own two feet while you hold my hand?
Can I be my own woman with you as my man?
Can I let you in without changing who I am?
Do I have to choose?
Can I still be independent with you?

Kylie Morgan opens her 2022 song set with a ballad-alike love song. Simply a lovely song – the single release of this one already lead to a smile on my side. In the EP context, it is the right starter for a seven-song menu.

2. He Wanted To He Would

Love – or not any more being loved as you would like to be to – is the topic of the second track. Nice groove, I simply enjoy listening to Kylie and this one. Nice arrangement and simply a good country music listen.

3. Love Like We’re Drunk

The second feature single of the EP is significantly more energetic, more rocking. Nonetheless, it has a certain ease – and especially the chorus is also a good one to have a dance or to sing with Kylie at one of her shows. I am definitely jealous of you in case you already did – I never saw this lovely person on stage.

4. Gucci

Gucci is a lighter and easier country-pop song. It almost with a summer-alike vibe. Kylie Morgen in a bit of a “girlie-mode” – the song reminds me of Kelsea Ballerini. Nice one.

It’s all Gucci, baby
Mood is fancy
Can’t a girl just get dressed up
Little heavy on the liquor and the make-up
Vibes expensive
Even if the tags say different
State of mind is everything
And it’s all Gucci, baby

5. Country Anyway (feat. Walker Hayes)

Kylie Morgan meets Walker Hayes for one song on her 2022 EP release – sounds good, doesn’t it? However, in these 2:50 minutes, Hayes just has a very limited presence – the song rather feels like a solo recording. On the lyrics side, the song is definitely one of the highlights of these ones, the melody is cool – I strongly guess, this will be a single release one day. Love it!

It would be awesome
If you would just move to Boston
Take your records off my shelf
Let me have Nashville to myself
You ain’t even having fun here
Hell, it was my dream to come here
Don’t give a city where you go
Long as you don’t stay
You don’t even like country anyway

6. Over A Redneck

After these a bit more intimate, also somehow cheesy moments, this is a stronger, powerful song again. Kylie Morgan just does good writes, good stories and creates her characteristic melody line. Even though this song is mainstream in certain way, it still feels like a Kylie Morgan one. Another song which makes me enjoy P.S..

7. Mean Girls

Thank God for mean girls
That showed me how bad words can hurt
And if my first love never broke my heart
I wouldn’t know what I deserve
And for the ones who tried to break me down
It’s all because of them
I got Jesus, whiskey, guitars, and good friends
And thick skin

Ain’t this very personal track be a perfect closer for the EP?  Definitely, Kylie Morgan 2022 is more thoughtful, more mature. But she comes with well-written, clear messages, which just make me listen an enjoy her tracks.


Kylie Morgan – P.S. – Spotify

Here is P.S. on Spotify:


Kylie Morgan – P.S. – My View

Love Kylie has been an absolute blast. I cannot hide that P.S. cannot fully keep that level in my point of view. But: it is not that far away from it. I simply love to listen to Kylie Morgan writes, to her stories – and also simply to the sound of her voice. P.S. is a Top Pick! range EP release with a lot of sympathy from my side.


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