Famyne – II: The Ground Below

Famyne - II: The Ground Below



4.0/5 Pros

  • Very good, straight doom metal sounds...
  • ... combines with slower parts

Sophomore album by the doom metal band Famyne: on 13th May 2022, they release The Ground Below. I already had a listen and share my thoughts with you. Here is my review.


Famyne – About The Artists

Famyne are a band from Canterbury in England. They have been founded in 2014 and typically do doom metal. The current band members are Tom Vane (vocals), Martin Emmons, Tom Ross (both guitar), Chris Travers (bass) and drummer Michael Ross. In 2015, they released a three track self-titled EP. Interestingly, even it solely contained new tracks, the 2018 debut album has been named Famyne as well. The six track album lasts over forty minutes.


Famyne – II: The Ground Below – Track by Track

The eight track album lasts 44 minutes.

1. Defeated

The English open their 2022 album with Defeated. The song starts in the doom metal ear’s comfort zone, but the band is breaking the powerful sound after some two minutes. The very floating, majestic vocal performance overall guides the song to a really good listening experience.

2. Solid Earth

Solid Earth is one out of three songs already published before album release. The 5:23 minute experience does not really feel to be doom-ish at the beginning, but then gathers some power darker and louder metal energy during its runtime. Nicely marching guitar riffs, especially towards the end of this one.

3. Gone

Gone is strongly focusing on atmospheric sounds. Especially in the first parts of the song, where it almost feels like meditation music to me, it is thus a surprising listen. The guitars get their share of presence here and there, but overall, the song stays rather quiet.

4. A Submarine

A Submarine concludes the first half of te album. With 7:29 minutes, it is also the longest track of the recording.Like in the song before, Famyne takes their time and goes for a rather slow start. The chords somehow remind me of surfers’ rock – but Tom Vane’s voice does not leave to any doubts that this song will head towards a different musical direction. Already towards the middle of this epic one, A Submarine more and more turns out to be one of the key highlights of the album.

5. Babylon

The middle of the album is also the home of the really long and epic tracks. Babylon, which is opening the second half of the album, is close to seven minutes of duration as well. The song has dramatic sounds, but also very straightly rocking parts. Very nice blend.

6. Once More

The more I listened to Once More, the more I enjoyed the song. Especially in the second part, where the band pushes powerful riffs, the song illustrates why it has been a wise choice as a single release. Really good one.

7. The Ai

No ups and downs, no references, just straight doom metal sounds – that’s about the sum-up of the second last track The Ai. The song will especially be a great listen for fans of the genre. Maybe with less individual character, but solely straight and good.

8. For My Sins

The album is over, the band wants you to go.. But they at least give you a good feeling: For My Sins nicely combines the dramatic vocal power of the band with doom metal elements. Great finale!


Famyne – II: The Ground Below – Spotify

Here is The Ground Below on Spotify:


Famyne – II: The Ground Below – My View

I like the way Famyne is creating their own way, playing with different sounds and influences and finally tell an entertaining and good story. These guys have a lot of potential – fans of the genre might already have them deep in their heart – but other rock and metal listeners should definitely dare a listen to this album. I like it – even though it feels to have some potential for better.


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