Daniel Seavey – Dancing In The Dark EP

Daniel Seavey - Dancing In The Dark



3.7/5 Pros

  • Nice set of song
  • Showcase of vocal and instrumental skills
  • High potential solo debut Cons

  • Not very best pop quality

Most of you know David Seavey for being part of the US-American boy band Why Don’t We (or WDW). The band has been active from 2016 until 2022. Now, Seavey is going solo. After some successful single releases, he is sharing the EP Dancing In The Dark with his fans. Release date has been 11th August 2023.


Daniel Seavey – About The Artist

Daniel James Seavey was born on 2nd April 1999. He is from Vancouver, Washington and grew up in Portland, Oregon. Apart from his vocal qualities, he is an amazingly talented instrumentalist and can play some twenty instruments by ear. Dancing In The Dark is his solo debut EP.


Daniel Seavey – Dancing In The Dark – Track by Track

The seven song EP lasts 19 mintues.

1. Fall into You

The opener is setting you into a good mood from the very beginning. Fall into You is a nice modern pop track, in which Seavey and his team set a clear focus ion the voice of the former boy band member. Good one.

2. Give It A Week

Give It A Week is the second song of the EP. The song works with a similar concept. However, there is a stronger beat and the song spreads some more summer vibes – even though it is another one about love. No special story or surprising depth. But if you need a song to move to the rhythm on a long drive on your driving playlist, Daniel got this one for you, indeed.

3. Nothing Compares To You

First of all: this is not a Sinead O’Connor cover (her song would be spelled differently anyway). The song has a nice speed and present rhythm, the catching element of the song is the keyboard theme, though. The song is fine, but does not catch me overwhelmingly.

4. Can We Pretend That We’re Good?

Can We Pretend That We’re Good is indeed the most amazing song of the promotion campaign. Not only that it is his most successful song on Spotify so far – Seavey even recorded it in five different version, focusing on different instruments. It is worth having a listen into some of them on Spotify – they underline the amazing musical talent of this artist. The EP and radio version is a good one – the other four versions added turn it into a memorable listen.

5. I Tried

The just 2:16 minute song I Tried is another single release. The song is a straight ballad with a nice focus on the vocals and thus is a nice contrast to the very rhythmic songs before. After the wide range of versions of the predecessor, this is a beautiful showcase for Seavey’s vocal abilities.

6. Leave Me Alone

In the sixth song, the pop music artist simply states Leave Me Alone. Initially, the song feels to be a bit of sluggish, but once you get into it, it more and more becomes a solid listen. A lot of falsetto vocals in here.

7. Runaway

Runaway has been a single release in December 2022. The song has a hip hop-alike vibe, which is altering with very high (sung) vocals. Overall, the song feels to be experimental, but it does have a nice groove.


Daniel Seavey – Dancing In The Dark – Track by Track

You can listen to the songs on Spotify:



Daniel Seavey – Dancing In The Dark – Track by Track

Despite Daniel Seavey is definitely underlining his vast talent, I would not rate Dancing In The Dark to be a very high rated released. He is doing good pop music. The songs could come with more profile and character though. I am sure that once he is using his abilities more wisely and precisely, we will have some amazing music from him.

Favorite Song: Give It A Week


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