Sheryl Crow – Evolution

Sheryl Crow - Evolution



3.7/5 Pros

  • Nice variety of songs
  • Mix of "traditional" and modern sounds Cons

  • Some songs feel a bit weaker

A new album by Sheryl Crow is always a good reason for musical excitement. On 29th March 2024, the US-American singer and songwriter and member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is releasing her twelfth album overall. I had the opportunity listening to Evolution beforehand.


Sheryl Crow – About The Artist

Sheryl Suzanne Crow was born on 11th February 1962 in Kennett, Missouri. The rock music artist typically uses Americana elements like country, folk or blues in her music. In her youth, she was also promising in athletics and later worked as a music teacher.Her in-fact debut album, meant to be released in 1992, has been scrapped. The first published album Tuesday Night Music Club, though, pushed her into global focus in 1993. It went Top 10 in the USA, but also in Australia, Canada, Germany, the United Kingdom and other markets. Especially the single All I Wanna Do boosted the success. Even though her debut is her best sold album so far, she steadily kept high in the charts until the mid-2000’s, when there was a slight decrease.

Her most recent album, Threads, has been released in August 2019. It did make it very well in the country charts of several countries. However, in the non-genre-specific album listing, the only Top 10 placements were in Scotland, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.


Sheryl Crow – Evolution – Track by Track

The ten song album lasts 41 minutes.

1. Alarm Clock

Sheryl Crow in 2024 has a lovely easy. Not only only the clapping rhythm at the beginning of the song, also key phrase of the opener’s chorus makes you smile. That’s why I hate my alarm clock – ain’t that a thing we all can somehow relate to? Even though these elements lead to a rather pop-alike feeling, the guitars do have a certain presence as well and rock you awake.


2. Do It Again

The first chords of the second song already give you a stronger country rock feeling. The voice is a bit darker at Do It Again than in the first track, the style reminds me of her 1990’s releases. I loved Sheryl Crow’s early albums – so that’s why I just cannot be bad to this song.

3. Love Life

Love Life is one of two songs of the album, which are longer than five minutes. The track is coming with a nice groove and thus rather arouses blues feelings. Sheryl Crow states I love this life – and you are moving to the vibes of the song. A happy mood track, just perfectly made for the spring mood.

4. You Can’t Change The Weather

It is definitely hard to deny the message of the title of the fourth song.You Can’t Change The Weather works a bit more with instrumental elements, but finally focuses on the very catchy chorus.

Oh, you can’t change the weather
And you can’t stop the rain
And you and me together
Honey, we can find a way to stop the pain
Stop the pain

5. Evolution

The title track of the album is one of four songs featured so far. The songs very quiet and slowly, creating a very emotional atmosphere. It impresses and catches you. The guitar solo has been recorded by nobody by Rage Against the Machine’s Tom Morello. This also tells that the track, which also makes use of violin and viola elements, comes with very energetic moment.


6. Where?

We will keep dancing through tomorrow
Like lovers spinning in the air
Oh where, where
Where can we be free
If to be free means learning not to care, mmm

Where? has been co-written by Bill Bottrell, who also grabbed the acoustic guitar in the recording studio for this one. The song feels very fragile, also as it is limiting to rather fine contributions on the instrumental side.

7. Don’t Walk Away

This part of the album is definitely the one with the finest and most intimate moments. You initially just hear Sheryl Crow, who is doing the vocals as well as the piano in Don’t Walk Away. Later, there are some string and keyboard elements, but finally the ballad, for example, does not have any drums or percussion. The exceptional mood of this song turn it into a beauty.

8. Broken Record

After these very quiet moments, the happy rocker with an indie touch feels like a wake up cool. Crow states Sometimes I feel like a broken record in here and presents a surprisingly cheeky style. A very uplifting experience, indeed.

9. Waiting In The Wings

The midtempo Waiting In The Wings features a beautiful melody and a lovely flow. Not as energetic as some of her most successful ones at the beginning of her career, but the song has a touch of them. The positive mood of the song leads to another song with a pop music attitude.

10. Digging In The Dirt (ft. Peter Gabriel, bonus track)

Being able to invite Peter Gabriel for the recording bonus track shows the amazing standing of Sheryl Crow in the industry. However, Digging In The Dirt has been released as a single as well. The cover of Gabriel’s 1992 big hit comes with a very own character and is a beautiful finale of Evolution.


Sheryl Crow – Evolution – Spotify

Here is the album on Spotify:


Sheryl Crow – Evolution – My View

Sheryl Crow presents a really versatile and modern album. Nonetheless, fans of the first steps of the music legend do find the spots they will like s well. I really like the album, though I cannot deny some weaker spots. Noentheless, it is overall a positive experience.

Favorite Song: You Can’t Change The Weather


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