Kaylee Rose – Hot Minute EP

Kaylee Rose - Hot Minute



4.0/5 Pros

  • Beautiful groove
  • Nice songwriting
  • All new songs Cons

  • Too short

Kaylee Rose is an artist, which I more and more focused on during the last months. The more I was excited when she announced a four song EP, released on 22nd July 2022. Here is my review of Hot Minute.


Kaylee Rose – About The Artist

Kaylee Rose is an artist, who is originally from Miami, Florida. She spent a major part of her teenage years in St. Augustine, where she also learned to play the guitar. Nowadays, she is based in Nashville. Her main genre is country, but she also has nuances of rock and pop. In 2018, she released the EP Upside Down. Since then, Kaylee had some very successful tracks like Me Before You (2020, 1.7m streams on Spotify) or Love Makes You Blind (2020, 3m streams).


Kaylee Rose – Hot Minute – Track by Track

Hot Minute includes four songs and lasts 11 minutes. It should be noted that all four songs are new and have not been released as a single before.

1. Hot Minute

The title track opens the short four track EP. Kaylee Rose has a lovely, very gentle voice in this country song with pop elements. The song has a really nice and strong groove, which absolutely makes me love it.

2. Ain’t Nothing Wrong

The arrangement of the second strong leads to a very strong backing voice during the chorus. Bad luck, as I like the sound experiment done in here while listening to the verses. Overall, the song comes with a very special, almost a bit of naive. Despite these recording techniques, a very interesting write.

There’s nothing wrong with a little bit of tipsy
Nothing wrong with a midnight high
Nothing wrong with a text to an ex
Saying hey you up come on over tonight
Nothing wrong with a little backtracking
If we ain’t ready for moving on
Hey you know we only got one life
If it feels this right then
It ain’t nothing wrong

3. Flat Tire

If there was a good time for a flat tire, baby, it would be right now – I never saw it that way. I was not quite sure how much I can relate to this song at its very beginning. But Kaylee Rose finally adds the right sound to an interesting story. Here and there, pop and even rap element pop up in the sound of this track, which all leads to an amazing groove of that song.

4. My Kinda Fishin’

Are we already there yet? Yeah, the four song EP is already over, none of the songs at least reaches a three minute warning. I love the way Kaylee describes the fishing trip with her boyfriend, but it is the way the song is presented which turns it to a special listen. The song almost comes with reggae vibes. Summer party feeling guaranteed while listening to this one.


Kaylee Rose – Hot Minute – Spotify

Here is Hot Minute on Spotify:


Kaylee Rose – Hot Minute – My View

Good one! Finally, Hot Minute is too short and could use another real highlight. this may not lead to a top ranking, but a very solid listen. I definitely enjoyed listening to her.


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