Annie Chops – Level Up

Annie Chops - Level Up



4.3/5 Pros

  • Very characteristic blend of styles
  • Good lyrics
  • Entertaining Cons

  • The range of songs could be a bit wider

From Kiddo Kat to Annie Chops: her album Piece of Cake was one of the first ones I reviewed on Now, Kiddo Kat is back as Annie Chops and releases a new album. Here are my thoughts about Level Up, which will be released on 20th August 2021.


Annie Chops – About The Artist

I wrote a bit about the Berlin-born artist Anna Guder in my 2018 review of Piece of Cake, released as “Kiddo Kat” in these days. Just refer to this posting for some more bio.


Annie Chops – Level Up – Track by Track

The twelve song album lasts 40 minutes.

1. Level Up

The title track of the album just opens Level Up just as I started to love Kiddo Kat music. The track is a powerful, cheeky and sometimes a bit if ironic song. Very compact and a good listen from the very first moment. I even enjoy the hip hop parts, somehow.

2. Drip Drop

Half of the dozen songs of Level Up tracks are already known to Annie’s fans. Electronic sounds with a strong rhythm and a lot of power. The accentuated rhythmic style of the chorus simply stays in your mind.

3. I’m Cool

The self-confident lyrics of Annie Chops make me smile. As you see below, she released this track still under her previous artist name. A perfect summer song.

4. I Killed My Baby

I KIlled My Baby comes with a strong R&B groove. Very cool performance by the German pop artist. Doesn’t she make you move as well?

5. In Flagrante (feat. King Green)

I have to say that In Flagrante, the collaboration of rap and pop musicparts, is not that my kind of music. Nonetheless, I love what Annie Chops does there. She is just creating a beautiful sound.

6. Body Talk

Is that already some sort of ballad, Annie Chops style? The background vocals are the key element of the song. However, there are so many layers/levels of sound – sometimes, the track is really confusing me. Not my favorite.

7. Paradise

Another rather slow track. However, Paradise is much straighter and works just with a few elements. The chorus is another great one.

8. Thank You, No Thanks

Whether other artists collaborate with other musicians and vocalists to get a wide range sound between pop and hip hop, Annie Chops just does it all on her own. Thank You, No Thanks feels like a rather average track to me – other songs on this album are simply that good in staying in your mind after listening.

9. Oh You

This song is one of the highlights of the album to me. A beautiful autobiographic song, which is looking back, but also talking about future plans in life alongside Annie’s beloved one. Lovely words said in 3:38 minute, Annie Chops style.


10. Villains

Quiet moments: Villains starts with a 25 second piano solo, before other instruments and – later – the vocals join. A slow, laid back, song with a lot of groove. Cool.

11. Sun

Sun comes with a summer feeling and a nice groove. Really nice song!

12. Hold You In My Arms

If you ever been to a Kiddo Kat concert, you know how versatile Annie Chops is. This final track of Level Up is a lovely example for that. Hold You In My Arms is a beautiful slow rock ballad, which even comes with a nice Americana touch to me. Very personal way to close the album.


Annie Chops – Level Up – Spotify

Here is Level Up on Spotify:


Annie Chops – Level Up – My View

I just love Annie Chops and her music. Even though I would have loved to have one, two more surprising tracks like Hold You In My Arms, she is again delivering a great proof of her musical talent. Great pop made in Germany coming with a wide range of sounds.


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