John Garner – Together

John Garner - Together



4.4/5 Pros

  • Beautifully written and produced album
  • Lovely vocal settings and collaboration

John Garner – this musical act name sounds like a solo artist, but is in fact a quintet. The German band is already releasing their fourth studio album, Together. I had a listen before the release on 15th December 2023.


John Garner – About The Artists

John Garner in fact started as a solo project in Augsburg. Singer and multi-instrumentalist Stefan Krause used the name from 2014 on, when he started making music in 2014. However, the project gradually increased its list of band members. Chris Sauer joined John Garner rather quickly, in 2016 Lisa Seifert upgraded John Garner to a trio already. Two years later, Carlo Gruber and Felix Bönigk lead to the today’s band lineup. John Garner has already released three EPs, starting with the 2015 release Quiet Loud. In 2017, the Germans released their debut album, Writing Letters. The most recent album release is Heartbeat, dated as of 2021.


John Garner – Together – Track by Track

The eleven track album lasts 36 minutes.

1. Bye Bye Mr Blue

The opener Bye Bye Mr Blue is a very characteristic listen for the whole album. While listening to the stanza opening the song, it feels like a modern folk track. The stomping rhythm chorus and the bridge have much more of a rock soul, which also leads to a nice contrast within in the song. Very nice first three minutes.

2. I Love You

The single release I Love You is a very special listen. Working with parallel vocals most of the song creates a very intense, almost choral sound. The instruments just give the support they need to do – they are a bit more active towards the end, though.

3. Picture of my Mind

Picture of my Mind is one of the the songs the band has already shared with their fans before the album release. The song comes with a lot great elements. The foundation of the song is lovely folk music-style instrumental work. During the chorus, the energy level of the song significantly rises. Finally, there is a wide range on the vocal side. The song presents very quiet moment to very powerful, rocking performances.

4. Your Mind

The fourth song is a perfect example how the Germans are able to lull you with their gentle vocals and fine instrumental settings. Nonetheless, the tootling backing melody adds a touch to the listen, a touch of a fairy tale-alike ease. Beautiful.

5. For the broken hearted

What can I do for the broken hearted is the catch phrase of the chorus. The song has a very dream-ish atmosphere, but then also turns into an angry part in the bridge. John Garner are finding the right balance, which leads to good songs.

6. Golden Ray

With Golden Ray, the median song is also the last one released as a single so far. Like in several other songs, the guitar is played with a beautiful lightness and ease, it reminds me of a harp.

7. Give me your heart

Give me your heart,
Give me your soul,
Give me your love,
I will let it grow

If you like very emotional folk ballads, better grab a hankie before you start listening to this one. Beautiful love song. One of my favorites.

8. It´s ok to not be ok

The eighth song is a good listen. However, the song does not add too much new to the album. It’s a folk song with a pop touch, which arises in a major crescendo for the chorus. This is also a strong argument that the song stays in your mind.

9. All I ever loved

All I ever really loved is you – after the emotional Give me your heart, I hope that you still have the tissues somewhere. John Garner are ruthless and touch your feelings again in the deepest – and most wonderful – way.

10. Mother

In the second last song of the album, the band is praying their Mother(s). The ingredients of the song are similar to the tracks before. Nice listen, again.

11. My whole body

My whole body, it needs you now – do we need an Explicit Lyrics marker at the end of the album? Stefan Krause and Lisa Seifert close the album with a great vocal performance and arrangement. After 36 minutes, you are full of warmth and love.


John Garner – Together – Spotify

I will add the Spotify widget once the album has been published


John Garner – Together – My View

Together is a really impressing listen. Yes, you cannot neglect that there are similarities in the plots and the styles of the songs. But you simply enjoy John Garner. That’s what finally counts. Very well written and produced album.

Favorite Song: Picture of my Mind


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