Kendall Lujan – Forget Me Knots EP

Kendall Lujan - Forget Me Knots



4.5/5 Pros

  • Four very different tracks
  • Intense vocals
  • Lovely listen Cons

  • Just four songs

I ran into the debut EP by Kendall Lujan on a promotion platform. The set of four songs was already included in the promotion package, which featured the single release Forget Me Knots as of 10th February 2023. The corresponding EP with the same title track has been released five weeks later, on 17th March 2023. I already had a listen:


Kendall Lujan – About The Artist

Kendall Lujan is an artist from Portland, Oregon, in the USA. The folk rock singer-songwriter has already been backing singer and musician for a few major acts, before she started to release music. The first single I found of her was the December 2021 release envy. The title track Forge Me Knots is in fact the first single release of that EP. The song has in fact already been available on YouTube, but not on streaming platforms.


Kendall Lujan – Forget Me Knots – Track by Track

The four track EP lasts 14 minutes.

1. Forget Me Knots

The first tunes of the EP are the ones of the title track. The song is a beautiful atmospheric listen, which also has some nice rhythm to add some pop music ease. It is the best listen of all four songs to me.

2. Dot My I’s

With the stronger presence of the acoustic guitar, Dot My I’s gives a stronger folk music style to me. Nonetheless, the song has a nice ease and vibe and thus also has a nice independent music character. On top of that, Lujan is doing very well on the microphone, so that this young lady is making me smile at full extent.

3. Getting Old

The bass is tootling is nice groovy, but also a bit of monotonous background melody. With that backing and some string and keyboard sounds, the vocals on Getting Old feel very intense to me. The song has a very own style, which I absolutely like.

4. Another

The closing track Another is not only the longest song of the set of four, it is also adding some Americana and country music elements to the overall fourteen minute listen. A gentle, very intense experience.


Kendall Lujan – Forget Me Knots – Spotify

Here is the EP on Spotify:


Kendall Lujan – Forget Me Knots – My View

It is just a set of four songs, but Kendall Lujan does a great job in here. Each track comes with its own character. Nonetheless, the artist’s very present voice is a lovely linking element. Very good listen!


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