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Rodney Crowell - Triage



4.1/5 Pros

  • Great work on the lyrics side
  • Wide range of songs

This posting is about a two-time Grammy winner and a five time US Country chart topper: Rodney Crowell, who started releasing albums in the late 1970’s is truly a legend of country music. He has a quite unique record: all of his five chart-leading songs are in fact part of the same album. This posting, however, is about his latest album, Triage. He is going to release the songs on 23rd July 2021.


Rodney Crowell – About The Artist

Rodney Crowell, born on 7th August 1950 in Houston, is a Texas singer-songwriter, who majorly dealt with country music. One of the most remarkable things in the vita is that he has been married with Rosanne Cash for thirteen years, 1979 to 1992. He does have an amazing vita in his musical life as well, though: after his 1978 debut album Ain’t Living Long Like This did not convince the country music consumer, his following publications grew more and more attention. The breakthrough was definitely a duet with his wife at that time, Rosanne Cash: when they released the duet It’s Such a Small World together, US and Canadian country fans pushed that song to the top of the single charts.

Even though the album Diamonds & Dirt was not that much of a good seller (Top 10 in both countries), four more songs of it followed the duet to peak of country music. I Couldn’t Lieave You If I TriedShe’s Crazy for LeavingAfter All This Time and Above and Beyond all lead the Canadian country charts. If there wasn’t the first single of the following album, Many a Long and Lonesome Highway, which went to #1 in Canada again, there would be no other Number One hit.

On the album side, Rodney Crowell sold very well. Triage is already his twentieth studio album. Until 2015, he regularly made it to the US country album charts. The most prominent recording is likely Old Yellow Moon, which Crowell recorded with Emmylou Harris.


Rodney Crowell – Triage – Track by Track

The ten track album lasts 43 minutes.

1. Don’t Leave Me Now

Don’t leave me now
I don’t know how much more I can say
Don’t leave me now
There’s no right way, there’s no wrong way
There’s only your way

Suprise on track 1: the song starts as a slow, very intimate acoustic guitar song – but then turns into a powerful rocker suddenly after about one minute. A very easy-to-keep-in mind song. Cool!

2. Triage

The title track of the album has also been selected as a single release. A rather monotonous song, no sudden surprises like in the opener – but a good listen and nicely focused on the vocals and the story.

3. Transient Global Amnesia Blues

The Transient Global Amnesia Blues is almost like Rodney Crowell reading a script to you. This creates a quite unique, but also impressive atmosphere. Good song.

4. One Little Bird

After some deeper moments, One Little Bird welcomes the reader with a happy and uplifting intro and melody. A rhythmic country song, which  makes me smile and enjoy Crowell’s music.

There’s this one little bird in the trees outside my door
And she’s singing a song that goes right to the core
She says where will you go where will you be
Why don’t you know why can’t you see it’s almost over

5. Something Has To Change

One out of three tracks so far which have been released as singles. A very present song with a strong voice and good works on the guitar and the drums. One of my favorites.

6. Here Goes Nothing

If only I could see myself through your eyes for a day
I wonder just how I might fare when love comes into play
I know that I don’t give as much as I so often take
I guess its just old habit keeps me putting on the brake

The song starts with acoustic guitar as a ballad – but in contrast to Don’t Leave Me Now, this song stays on the emotional side. Sometimes, it is even a bit too plushy.

7. I’m All About Love

I love Jesus I love Allah Malala Yousafzai and the one known as Jah
I love Claire De Lune and the hokey pokey
Darkness at the break of noon and on top of old Smokey
I’m all about love, I’m all about love

Rock’n’Roll with a slight touch of country. Definitely, a nice alternative and different flavor on this album.

8. Girl On The Street

With almost six minutes, Girl On The Street is the epic highlight of the album. Again, Rodney Crowell does great in telling a story – the melodic arrangement accompanies that and gives a nice backing.

9. Hymn 43

What if God see’s the need for religion
As something I can’t share
For to righteously judge my brother
Seems such a needless use of prayer
And this thing ‘bout the pearled gates of heaven
And those that would be denied
And here we are in an endless war with God forever on our side

Religion is one of the key topics on the album – with Hymn 43. I like the way the song is focusing on the lyrics. The song almost feels like a church solo song. Not my favorite listen on the album, but a really good song.

10. This Body Isn’t All There Is To Who I Am

A really nice and good listen at the end of the album – Rodney Crowell is closing the album in style with one of the best songs of the album. Very good guitar presence in this one.


Rodney Crowell – Triage – Spotify

Here is Triage on Spotify:


Rodney Crowell – Triage – My View

Traditional, deep, well done – Triage is indeed an impressive album. Rodney Crowell does a nice job in mixing country music influences with a lot of different styles. His strength and characteristic element are definitely his lyrics though. I am sure you will find your favorite Triage track, which stays in your mind. Really nice album! Country Music Top Picks! Reviews in 2021

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