Ally Venable – Heart Of Fire

Ally Venable - Heart Of Fire



4.2/5 Pros

  • Cool fusion of blues and rock
  • Great guitar play

I love to scan music and run into interesting artist. Ally Venable definitely fits into this category. At the age of 21, the Texan blues rock lady is already releasing her sixtth album / EP: Heart Of Fire will be released on 26th February 2021.


Ally Venable – About The Artist

Ally Venable is a US American blues rock artist. She is especially known for her guitar playing skills. Even though she is residing in Kilgore, Texas, East of Dallas, she is having quite a strong fan base in Germany as well. Heart of Fire is released through a German label. Venable was born in 7th April 1999 and already did her first release, the EP Wise Man, at the age of 14. Since then, her releases more and more reached the higher chart placements. Her latest one, the 2019 Texas Honey, even made to the second spot in this chart category.


Ally Venable – Heart Of Fire – Track by Track

The eleven track album lasts 50 minutes.

1. Heart Of Fire

The press sheet to the album states that “this album gets loud” – and really, Ally Venable starts the album with the title track, strong guitar riffs and a lot of power. Heart Of Fire might rather feel like a rock track at first side, but I love the bluesy elements like her cool guitar solo. Great one!

2. Played The Game

Played The Game has a bit less guitar elements and is more rhythmic – so that it definitely spreads more of a blues feeling than the title song. The song is catching – two really good starters of the album.

3. Hateful Blues

After a quote, which feels like very traditional blues, it is time for Ally Venable and her band. For traditional blues lovers, the Hateful Blues will likely be one of the favorites – it sounds just a bit more like old times blues. Lovely guitar play on this song.

4. Road To Nowhere (feat. Devon Allman)

Venable presents some guest musicians – and one of them is the blues rock legend Devon Allman, who is playing lead guitar and doing backing vocals on Road To Nowhere. Especially the chorus feels quite angry, but thereby also very intense. Really good listen.

5. Bring On The Pain (feat. Kenny Wayne Shepherd)

One very special fact about the album: there are rarely songs which have been released before the album. Bring On The Pain, in which Kenny Wayne Shepherd takes over the lead guitar, has in fact been the only one when I wrote this review in late January 2021. The song is very much focused on the vocals, the guitars are not as present as they are in other songs of the album.

6. Hard Change

Hard Change rocks! The electric guitar is free at full force again. If you are rather a headbanger, you will love the song.

7. Do It In Heels

The album continues with powerful riffs – even though I feel more blues in Do It In Heels again, the guitars are marching and driving this song.

8. Sad Situation

I’m not going back to that sad situation – the eighth track on the album is a powerful and marching blues rocker again. Not as powerful as the two tracks before, but still cool and modern. The chorus is easy, but catchy.

9. Use Me

Use Me is a cover of the Billie Withers classic. The congas and the guitar licks spread a carribean feeling over this track. Cool.

10. Tribute To SRV

8:53 minutes full blues rock power. If you just need a proof of Ally Venable’s instrumental skills, start the album with this instrumental track. Just awesome!

11. What Do You Want From Me

Also on the last track, What Do You Want From Me, Ally Venable shoes her great guitar skills and lovely touch for the groove of the blues. Nice finish of this Heart Of Fire.


Ally Venable – Heart Of Fire – Spotify

Here is the album on Spotify:



Ally Venable – Heart Of Fire – My View

Despite global success artists like Joe Bonamassa, blues just feels to be too old-fashioned to many people – similar to country music by the way. Ally Venable and her Heart Of Fire proofs that this does not need to be the case at all. The album is powerful, rocking, even has congas in one song – and still has the characteristic groove of the blues. I really loved to listen to this young lady and her album – hope you enjoy it / her, too!


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