Strife 85 – Memories Kill Butterflies

Strife 85 - Memories Kill Butterflies



3.8/5 Pros

  • Nice single releases
  • Good rock songs with nice use of two vocalists Cons

  • Some weaker spots

I already featured the Nuremberg-based band Strife 85 twice in my Songs of the Week this year. Right before the holiday, the band is gifting themselves with their most valuable Christmas present: on 22nd December 2024, they released Memories Kill Butterflies, their debut album. I had a listen.


Strife 85 – About The Artists

The roots of Strife 85 start with a school band. Joshua Josh Seidl and Yannick Bäumlein get kicked out of the one from their school and decide to start with an own rock music project. The current band lineup completes in 2021, when Marius Kühnlein and Alexander Dobberke join the band. There have been two EP releases so far, Achromatic and Social Toxin.


Strife 85 – Memories Kill Butterflies – Track by Track

The ten song album lasts 38 minutes.

1. Cut The Silence

The album opens with Cut The Silence, one of the songs, which made me aware of the Nuremberg rockers. Straight, powerful rock power in the verses and very a very melodic chorus – the opener easily stays in your mind.

2. Memories Kill Butterflies

The title track is taking the second position on the album. The song opens in a slower, melancholic style, which continues during the remaining song. The vocal side of the song is very present – but the instruments also have their showcase during the long bridge.

3. R.I.P.

R.I.P. sounds like a darker and heavier topic – and that’s also the style of the third track. The guitars rock a bit harder in here. Especially the stanzas with the stomping bass drums nicely drive this song. Nonetheless, it is not as strong as the two tracks before.

4. Black Box

It feels much easier to get a grip fourth song Black Box again. Not only that the lyrics are crystal clear (with some bad words you should not share with your kids) – the song has a clear and energetic structure on the melodic side. The almost kitschy bridge feels a bit surprising, though.

5. 3 Years

I wouldn’t name the fifth song being a ballad – but the slow 3 Years is definitely one of the emotional highlights of Memories Kill Butterflies. Even thogh the song also comes with some more angry parts later, the song is touching experience.

6. Hiraeth

With Hiraeth, a Welsh word describing the sadness about a person who has passed away, Strife 85 is again presenting a song which deals with death. A song full of struggle and emotions, which you feel on the instrumental side as well as in the very impressive vocal performance.

7. Gigi Hadid

Gigi Hadid has been the other song I already introduced you to. The song is a straight modern rocker with a decent indie touch, which nicely works with the two vocalists Yannick and Josh. Very nice listen.

8. Setting

Drummer Alex has to work hard during the chorus of this song. The bass drum is stomping forward the song. Nice work on the guitar in here as well. The quick song has a good touch.

9. Without You

I’m better without you – finally, we got a rock ballad in here. At least that’s what you would feel when you listened to the chorus only. In the stanzas, though, the sound is just to angry and frustrated. A nice contrast and one of my favorite listens.

10. Mipha

The closing track opens with tootling keyboard notes, before the guitars and other instruments join in. The chucker-out overall stays rather slow and comes with a rather melancholic touch.


Strife 85 – Memories Kill Butterflies – Spotify

Here is Memories Kill Butterflies on Spotify:


Strife 85 – Memories Kill Butterflies – My View

The single releases are the three best songs of the album. Memories Kill Butterflies is not a top class listen, but a very nice debut album. Strife 85 present some really good songs. Some others are not as striking, but that leaves also some space for future releases. I like the album.

Favorite Song: Cut The Silence about Nuremberg

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