Broken Forest – Wild At Heart EP

Broken Forest - Wild At Heart



4.0/5 Pros

  • Great writing
  • Fascinating song atmosphere Cons

  • A very special signature sound

Interesting indie-folk from a German artistWild At Heart is in fact the third EP by Broken Forest, who lived in Germany as well as in the United Kingdom. I have been curious about the five song release and share my thoughts with you.


Broken Forest – About The Artist

Broken Forest is the solo project of the Leipzig-origin artist Luise, who is naming herself Luise London. She moved to London and got a Bachelor in Songwriting from the Institute of Contemporary Music Performance there. In 2017, she debuted with the EP Lost In Fairy Tales. Two years later, she release a live EP. The artist nowadays lives in Leipzig, Germany, again.


Broken Forest – Wild at Heart – Track by Track

The five track EP lasts 17 minutes.

1. Mother

The opener has been the only single featured before the album. A very atmospheric first song, which works with the artist’s high voice, a guitar and some electronic music elements. The song increases the “folk music feeling” the longer you listen. Really fascinating one.

2. Out Into The Wild

For the second song, Luise London has invited a second, male vocalist. This makes the song feel like a duet and thus has a a lot of additional energy. Overall, the is louder, more rhythmic and also comes with harder (electric) guitar riffs. Finally, there is a nice vibe. Very nice listen.

3. Fierce As A Dragon

Fierce As A Dragon goes back to the dreaming atmosphere of the opener. This third song even has a bit of a threatening atmosphere here and then. The track nicely focuses on Luisa’s voice, but I cannot feel that magical touch of the two songs before.

4. Spirit Of The Meadows

While the four other songs of the album roughly last some 3:30 to 3:40 minutes, Spirit Of The Meadows just lasts 2:10 minutes. Not just due to this statistic fact, the is definitely special. Just some monotonous string sounds create a bite of a background sound (not right to call it “melody”) until the last 40 seconds. It feels like Luisa is stepping out of a lonely world into a more vital one. There are even some birds singing in the very last seconds of the song.

5. Atlantic Winds

Atlantic Winds is the song which is closest to traditional folk sounds. The fiddle reminds of pub folk. However, there are a lot of distorted melodic sounds, which finally form a melody. Fascinating listen at the end of the album.


Broken Forest – Wild at Heart – Spotify

Here is the EP on Spotify:


Broken Forest – Wild at Heart – My View

This one is indeed no mainstream – but I just cannot deny two facts. First of all, Wild at Heart is fascinating me. Broken Forest is doing a great job creating a fascinating atmosphere. And, of course, this is excellent composition and songwriting. I recommend to dare a listen.


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