Sylvia Aimee – Superhero EP

Sylvia Aimee - Superhero



4.6/5 Pros

  • Superb showcase of different songs
  • Great songwriting, very versatile collection
  • Songwriting made in Europe

While there is a boom in local modern country music in the United Kingdom, there is still quite some development needed in the other European countries. Just very few acts reach a certain level of fandom and also deliver good quality country music. One of the acts which I happened to run into is the Dutch Sylvia Aimee, who presented her debut EP Superhero on 25th October 2019.

Sylvia Aimee – About The Artist

I funnily got into Sylvia Aimee’s music, as a Dutch friend of mine is a friend of hers – and they met at a Taylor Swift concert. Swift is one of the artists Aimee states as one of her key influences, alongside Kacey Musgraves and Kelsea Ballerini. The 23 year old already had some TV appearances, for example in a TV singer-songwriter contest, in the Netherlands. She is openly dealing with the fact that music helped her to recover from mental illness and also deals with that topic in some of her songs. Superhero is her first EP.


Sylvia Aimee – Superhero – Track by Track

It is hard to neglect that the cover of Superhero is an homage to Taylor Swift. The

1. Wanted

I love Wanted – it was also one of the starting tracks of my Country Music playlists and stayed there for some four weeks. It is also the best album on this EP for me. Great one!

2. Hurt You Anymore

Hurt You Anymore is likely the slowest track on the EP. Nevertheless, it is not boring at all. It may all be just a matter of taste, but Sylvia Aimee just does magic with her voice to me in these four minutes. Stay calm and listen to the upcoming artist.

3. Goodbye Kiss

The song is fragile, but still swinging and pop-alike. I could imagine that it does have some very decent radio potential, though I personally enjoy other tracks on this EP even. Good song!

4. Almost

Almost is lovely storytelling. However, I felt that the beginning of this song was a bit too quiet and defensive. On the other hand, this arc of suspense makes it a very special

5. Superhero

Cause I believed in me when no one else did
I chose what’s best for me, with no regrets
Every castle I own I built on my own
Yeah, I am my own superhero

Hard to believe that really no one else believed in this Dutch girl. I do – not just after I listened to this nice song.


Sylvia Aimee – Superhero – Spotify

The Spotify widget allows to pre-listen to the EP – or listen to it in total if you have an account:


Sylvia Aimee – Superhero – My View

I just enjoy to listen to Sylvia Aimee’s songs. Superhero is just a nice to listen EP with five really well done song. All five songs tell their own story and are characteristic. The biographic Superhero is impressive, Wanted is just a great song and if you listen to Almost, you more and more get into the potential of Sylvia Aimee. I very often struggle with EPs, but I feel this one is how the reduced collection of songs makes sense: a compact overview of the current feelings and potential of an artist. I feel there is a lot of additional potential in her, but I still feel that Superhero is a Top Pick! Media Reviews

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