Some 2022 new Christmas Song Releases – Good Ones and Weird Ones

Just some ten days left until Christmas. Instead of my typical album preview, I this time go for a preview of the holidays… or songs which I feel could be in your playlist while unpacking the presents and thinking about the Amazon return policies. The first section of the postings deals with non-country releases, while I also briefly give you my favorite country music and country artist releases in 2022. I promise that there are the typical covers of traditionals or classics like Last Christmas in here – but I did a focus on new songs.


General Christmas Song Releases

In this section, the songs are more or less in the chronological order in which the artists have released then. Only the very last song is in fact based on a ranking – it’s my favorite non-country release in 2022.


Ellie Benn – Christmas Eve

Ellie Benn is a Southern German artist. who is also doing country music and has been in Nashville a couple of times already. In late October 2022, she released her holiday song Christmas Eve. I haven’t been too convinced at first listen – but started to love her music the more I listen to it.


Pentatonix – Last Christmas

I guess I don’t have to introduce you to the Pentatonix any more. The a cappella band from Arlington, Texas, released their Christmas album Holidays Around the World on 28th October 2022. For this playlist, I went for their special version of Last Christmas. These guys simply deliver great.


Knappe – Weihnachten Forever

On 4th November 2022, Knappe relased his four track EP Weihnachten Forever (translating to “Christmas Forever”). The title track is a rather quiet pop music song. Nice vibes by the former German X Factor contestant, though.


Chriu – Wieder Dezember

This list of songs also features a very few songs which I have already introduced you to in other occasions. Wieder Dezember by Austrian artist Chriu, for example has been part of my Songs of the Week, namely in the 18th November 2022 edition. Definitely worth having a second listen to this song.


Cold Years – Merry Christmas Everyone

The interesting thing about these Christmas song lists is that the topic is finally touching any genre. From the soppy schlager songs to the hard rockers. Or to punk rockers from Aberdeen, just as the Cold Years are. Nice rocking vibes from Scotland.


Esther Graf – Merry Christmas Everyone

I just loved to have to have very different versions of the Shakin’ Stevens classic right one after another. Esther Graf and the Cold Years released the song on the same day, 18th November 2022. However, the Austrian turns the song into a pop track with dance pop sections. Lovely focus on her vocals.


Los Bitchos – Los Chrismos

There is a wide range of genres which is featuring Christmas songs. Los Bitchos are a band from London, but are inspire by Middle American and Latin American tunes. You also feel that the girls partially have musical background from these regions. This song is practically an instrumental with very special vibes.


Matze Knop – Mir gefällt’s – Fußball im Advent

This is a very unique way of transforming Jingle Bells into a party schlager track. German comedian Matze Knop transforms the classic into Mir gefällt’s – Fußball im Advent (“I like it – Soccer in the advent time”). He released a small EP with new songs on a “mini-album” that day. Definitely a song which made me smile.


The Cumberland River Project feat. Misko – Along This Winding Road

Frank and his The Cumberland River Project illustrate that the Ruhrgebiet songwriter is able to do so much more than “just” country music. Along This Winding Road is one of the most beautiful Christmas listens of 2022 to me. Give it a try.


Tom Gaebel – Das Allerbeste

Das Allerbeste (“The very best”) is a beautiful Christmas song in the lovely and characteristic swing style by Tom Gaebel, who is originally from Gelsenkirchen in Germany. Classic sounds with a nice ironic storytelling – love it!


Me and the Heat feat. Frank – Weisse Weihnacht

The song translates to “White Christmas”. However, the song is no Bing Crosby cover. A nice touch of beat and funk lead to one of the most unique listens for the Christmas tree this year. Mike Frank, by the way, is the guitarist of former Backstreet Boy Nick Carter.

VoXXclub – Letzte Weihnacht (Last Christmas)

That’s how Last Christmas may sound in German. VoXXclub are a German-speaking quintet, which mix schlager elements with traditional folk tunes. Their musical soundtrack, the EP Weihnacht mit VoXXclub is a promising listen by the established artists.


Nathan Johnston & the Angels of Libra – Nine Angel Choirs for Christmas

This song is in fact the last one which made it into this posting. The song has been published on 9th December and nicely works with brass and blues sounds. The song feels very international… But is in fact from Hamburg.


My Favorite New Christmas Song 2022:
Deine Cousine – Lieder und Lametta

Ina Bredehorn, a Northern German artist, is active as Deine Cousine (“Your Cousin”). The beautifully melodic pop-rock track comes with a cool melody, a nice festive stories, but also references back to 2022. Like Zwischen Liedern und Lametta merk ich dass ich Euch vermisst hab (“Between songs and tinsel, I feel that I missed you all”). Great leverage between a great festive melody and a lot of fun. Great one.




My Top 5 Country Christmas Songs 2022

Again, I don’t give you a ranking for the second to fifth spot on my ranking – only my favorite 2022 christmas release in country music or by a country artist receives a special treatment. If you want to have a deeper listen into these kind of songs, please have a listen to my Country Christmas 2022 below, which I introduced to you in this posting.  The playlist is Spotify-exclusive. 


Jason Aldean – Christmas in Dixie

The first country song I list in here is a lovely cover by Jason Aldean. Alabama recorded the song in 1982 already even though they released it some three years later. Jason Aldean just does this one right.


Kayley Bishop – Christmissing You

Especially US country music artist go a lot for cover versions of popular Christmas pop or traditional songs. The more I appreciate songs like this one Christmissing You. East Tennessee artist nicely works with the words in here and additionally comes with a beautiful sound in her holiday release. Good one.


Lee Brice – Santa Claus Was My Uber Driver

Lee Brice almost made it to the very top of my list. His idea about what Santa might be doing out of Christmas season is simply a great listen, which let’s you wait for Santa Claus with a smile… Or have some Uber rides just to check out whether Brice might be right….


Dan + Shay – Holiday Party

I am sorry, Dan + Shy. I am just not your biggest fan. Nonetheless, what the two guys did there at Holiday Party just has to be on this list of songs. Roughly 2.8 million streams on Spotify only after the songs release on 4th November 2022 sent a clear message, I believe.


My Favorite Country Christmas Song 2022:
Dalton & the Sheriffs – Never Wanted Nothing More

But then there is this songs from the New England band Dalton & the Sheriffs. On the one hand, it sounds like Christmas – on the other hand, there is this straight, fast, almost unstoppable vibe of the song. Absolutely love it. about Christmas

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