Songs Of The Week (week of 11 Feb 2022)

A new week, a new edition of the Songs Of The Week. This time, I ran into a lot of rocking stuff I like – but I still hope, it is a nice blend of tracks to you. Enjoy the set of non-country songs I ran into in the week of 11th February 2022.


George Cosby – Lonely Heartbeats

Even though you will have a lot of riffs and licks this time, I went for this soft pop track as the lead of the Songs Of The Week. Beautiful song, a bit of retro, good voice. Even though Lonely Heartbeats is a bit of soppy here and there, Ijust loved the song from the very first second I listened to it.


South of Eden – Lone Riders

South of Eden are a hard rock band from Columbus, Ohio. Great sound with a typical North American touch and a lot of power. Great one.


Corey Taylor – On The Dark Side

You likely know Corey Taylor as the singer of Slipknot. After releasing a solo debut album in 2020, there are new Taylor songs released now. Nice, powerful classic rock song.


Sabaton – The Unkillable Soldier

Sabaton are working towards their new album. On 4th March 2022, fans will be able to enjoy The War To End All Wars. So far, they have to enjoy this pre-release. Just some three weeks to wait for the full listen. The Unkillable Soldier is definitely a promising teaser.


Suzi Quatro – Motor City Riders

That’s Rock’n’Roll! Suzi Quatro today published another single from her recent album, Motor City Riders. Melodic, classic, straight and good – just as you would expect of the Detroit music legend. Quite a lot of European tour dates scheduled for summer.


mxmtoon – Mona Lisa

I absolutely loved the EP dusk my mxmtoon. Mona Lisa is a real treat in my point of view as well. The California artist is going to release some more songs in 2022. Look forward to that.


Ed Sheeran feat. Taylor Swift – The Joker and The Queen

What a great collaboration. This new recording of Ed Sheeran’s classic is of course massive. Ed Sheeran featuring Taylor Swift – feels too good to be true.


Doja Cat – Celebrity Skin

Celebrity Skin has been a song for Hole in 1998 already. The song is a re-recording for a Taco Bell Superbowl commercial. What a honor for the Los Angeles artist.


Coldplay feat. Selena Gomez – Let Somebody Go

Another massive collaboration: Coldplay meet Selena Gomez for this song, which you could already listen to on Coldplay’s latest album. Really enjoyable listen.


St. Kleinkrieg – Glückshormon

St. Kleinkrieg means something like “Saint Feud” and Glückshormon means “happiness hormon”. The song is a rather dark, social-critical singer-songwriter track, which is just coming with a signature voice. Felt that this one could be like the sprinkles on the Songs Of The Week cake somehow.


Julian David – Feuerfunkenregen

Julian David became famous in Germany as founding member of voXXclub. After a some two year hiatus, he is back with this energetic German pop song. Love it.


Malou – Only for Tonight

This modern pop track is recorded by a German artist as well. Malou is a Hamburg singer-songwriter, who created a really catching song and melody with Only for Tonight.


Corky Laing feat. Maria Hänninen & Conny Bloom – Watcha Doin?

Laurence Gordon Corky Laing became famous as a member of the hard rock band Mountain. His this week’s release is his debut release. The Finnish musician Maria Männinen gives a touch of Tina Turner to this song. Soulful rock – I love it.


Spiral Skies – Somewhere In The Dark

Rock from Sweden: Spiral Skies are also about to release a new studio album soon: while Death Is But A Door will be in the record stores from 25th March 2022, fans of the band may already listen to Somewhere In The Dark from now on. Sounds like a lot of potential for the long-player.


Saltatio Mortis feat. Lara Loft – The Dragonborn Comes

What an amazing collaboration of German band Saltatio Mortis and Lara Trautmann, who is better known as Lara Loft. Powerful, great rock song, to which the actor and synchronized speaker is adding a lot of great touch to the Saltatio Mortis sound.


Sig Jonson – Shine a Light On Me

I close the list of song with Sig Jonson from Iceland. Unfortunately, the level of bio information I got is really limited. But the song speaks for itself.


Title Picture: Georgy Cosby – Lonely Heartbeats Single Cover


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