Coffey Anderson – Tailgates and Heartbreaks

Coffey Anderson - Tailgates and Heartbreaks



3.9/5 Pros

  • Nice range of songs
  • Good, fluent listen Cons

  • Sometimes, a bit too stereotypical

In 2016, Coffey Anderson released the album Boots and Jeans. It also contained the song Mr Red White and Blue, which has – until now – been streamed over 57 million times – on Spotify only. Even though none of his songs so far was even close to that figure, Anderson is releasing music regularly and growing his faithful fan base. On 1st September 2023, he released a new album, Tailgates and Heartbreaks. I felt like sharing it with you.


Coffey Anderson – About The Artist

Coffey Anderson is a Texas country music artist. Born in 1978, he started to become a professional musician in 2002. Six years later, he released his album Southern Man. Since then, he is regularly releasing rather mainstream country albums as well as spiritual and religious releases like three Worship Unblugged albums. His previous longer release was Come On With It in 2022.


Coffey Anderson – Tailgates and Heartbreaks – Track by Track

The fourteen tracks album lasts 44 minutes.

1. Farmer

When Anderson opens the album with the words Come on, we’re going down to the farm on this one – can you smell it?, I just have to smile and think about Luke Bryan’s farmers songs. Even the structure of Farmer is similar to Big Luke songs.Of course, Anderson sounds very different compared to Bryan on the vocal side. The song is fun to listen, even though it is quite a firework of stereotypical country music storytelling.

2. Going Down Easy

The second song is a lovely listen. It works with a lot country music elements on the melodic side, the chorus is very straight and stays in your mind. Finally, there is even his clapping coda at the end of the song. I am sure this one will make Coffey Anderson fans happy for a couple of summer country music festival seasons.

3. Then There’s Me

While the first two songs focus on melodic elements, songs like Then There’s Me also come with hip hop elements. Here, the spoken word vibes majorly focus on the stanzas. The chorus comes with a really nice catch.

4. Tailgate

There is no song called Heartbreak or Heartbreaks on the album. Thus, this song takes a bit of a leading position.Coffey Anderson initially sounds less modern in here. The howling steel guitar and the stomping rhythm are driving the song.

5. Heavy In My Chevy

Three of the fourteen songs have been released as singles beforehand. The song comes with strong hip hop elements, which also have a certain presence in the chorus. I am sure the younger country music listeners enjoy this sounds. Traditionalists might struggle a bit more.

6. How Can I Resist

In the sixth song, Anderson is asking How Can I Resist. The song does have country music elements, but rather feels pop-ish and could easily run in German mainstream radio without mentioning that it is in fact a country song. Bad luck, it would be a nice ambassador for the genre.

7. Honky Tonk Town

Honky Tonk Town sounds like a good candidate for some country music party. However, this one is a rather slow and emotional one. Like being emotional after all the dancing to the music. However, there is quite some dancing in the lyrics, so you are free to move to the nice vibes.

Oh, take it on down to the honky tonk town of Texas
You can two-step, line dance all your pretty problems away
Spin it all around, DJ, play them country sounds from Texas
So we can two-step, line dance all our pretty problems away

8. Walk A Mile

With roughly 180k streams so far, the single release Walk A Mile has been the most successful of this album so far. The audience simply does not lie The eighth track of the album comes with a clear plot, a good and present chorus and a nice story. Good one.

9. Texas Country

Man, I need a red dirt road and something ice cold
To get my mind back to where I can think
I need a twangy old guitar, blasting under the stars
Holding my girl while I sing
I need a backwood escape, a Chevy tailgate
From all the fake news shoved in my face
Man, I need a brewski, feel me, Yoakum and some Aldean
Palm trees, riding real dirty across this good old Texas country
Good old Texas country

The ninth track is again a bit of predictable in regards of topics and metaphors, but Texas Country finally comes such a nice flow and another really good sound.

10. Come On Heartbreak

This one is for the emotional moments, indeed. Come On Heatrbreak is a really nice ballad, which does comes with a love of love and feelings, but also has some very energetic moments. Thus, I really like it.

11. If You Happen To See Her

Already the title and the first verses of the eleventh track tell you that the emotional side of the album continues. If you happen to see her tell me that she stole my heart. This song does not get around without investing into kitsch, but I overall really like it.

12. You Were Made For Me

Okay, emotions again. This is definitely the block of ballads in this album.You Were Made For Me does come with sprinkles of rock ballad attitudes, but overall, it is simply written to warm your heart. It does not do too wrong in that.

13. Where I Come From

Where I Come From breaks into this emotional period. The song is made to dance and is praising small country country life. You can’t miss the stereotypes in here – but that’s what finally this song is somehow about anyway – things don’t change and this is why we like it. The track does not leave that much of a mark in my music soul.

Oh, this country life around here ain’t never gonna change
We back the blue and we pull for the USA
We drink it cold, we take it slow
Beat to a back wood drum
I might be loud ’cause I’m sure proud of the little town where I’m from
Boy, where you from?
Boy, where you from?
I might be loud ’cause I’m sure proud of the little town where I’m from

14. Blue Suede Boots

The chucker-out makes me smile again. Coffey Anderson creates a cool groove in this country rock’n’roll song. A good choice for your next country music party.


Coffey Anderson – Tailgates and Heartbreaks – Spotify

Here is Tailgates and Heartbreaks on Spotify:


Coffey Anderson – Tailgates and Heartbreaks – My View

Coffey Anderson delivers a really nice country music album. I feel that the target audience will love it, while it also might be too predictable here and there for new listeners. The album has a nice mix of modern and traditional sounds, party and emotions, so I definitely recommend to give it a try.

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