Vivien Gold – Gedankenkarussell

Vivien Gold - Gedankenkarussell



3.8/5 Pros

  • Nice variety of dance, atmospheric and slow songs
  • Some amazing thoughtful tracks Cons

  • Some songs (incl. title track) are comparably weak

The ability to simply link two nouns to a new word is a lovely property of the German language – unless you have to translate these words. This album review is about Gedankenkarussell, which literally means something like “thoughts carousel”. Not a wording I would use in German, so I would rather suggest “chaotic feelings”. Is this album, which is the debut of schlager singer Vivien Gold, chaotic? Full of feelings? Or simply good. After having listened to one of her 2020 songs before, I was really curious about that. The album has been released on 12th March 2021.


Vivien Gold – About The Artist

Vivien Gold is a rising schlager artist from Cottbus in the very East of Germany. Her civil name is Vivien Gstrein, she is living in Karlsruhe nowadays. Under her her first name, she released a couple of songs, before she transformed to Vivien Gold. She released her first two singles, Mach die Musik ganz laut (“Turn on the music very loud”) and Neonlicht (“Neon Light”), which both are part of her debut album. She originally worked in the marketing of company driven by her parents, but is on stage since she is 14 years old. Her breakthrough was likely by being on stage in the quite popular TV show ZDF Fernsehgarten in 2020.

Vivien Gold – Gedankenkarussell – Track by Track

The twelve song album lasts 44 minutes.

1. Mach die Musik ganz laut

Vivien Gold goes for the safe option and starts her album with the biggest success so far. Mach die Musik ganz laut is indeed a catchy schlager party track – which deals with dancing, so that this is a perfect fit.

Mach die Musik ganz laut
Zeig mit Deinem Beat
Spiel mit meiner Haut
Bis sich der Boden biegt
Tu was, tu das
Wir drehn laut auf
Mach die Musik – ganz laut

(“Turn on the music very loud
Show me with your beat
Play with my skin
Until the floor bows down
Do something, do it
Wir turn the volume up
Turn on the Music – very loud”)

2. Gedankenkarussell

The title track is rather slow. It feels a bit of unconcerned. I feel that the lyrics are good schlager wordings – but the song is a bit too bored for that story.

3. Kinder dieser Nacht

Kinder dieser Nacht (“Children of this night”) is more rhythmic again. It comes with the classic schlager beat, Disco Fox. The rhythm becomes especially catchy by clapping sounds on the main beat. I feel that Vivien Gold does a very nice vocal performance in here as well.

Wir sind Kinder dieser Nacht
Die mit den Schatten spielen
Die sich mit Schätzen in der Hand
In ein fremdes Land verführen
Mit Feuerdrachen fliegen
Über Wolkendächern schweben
Frei und unbedacht
Wie die Kinder dieser Nacht

(“We are the children of this night
Who play with shadows
Who ensnare themself with treasures in their hand
into an unknown land
Flying with fire dragons
Hover over the top of the clouds
Free and careless
Like the children of this night”)

4. Unerträglich

Unerträglich (“Unbearable”) was the 2021 single release by Vivien Gold and thus her final musical appetizer of the album. While she is singing in quite low notes at the beginning of the song, she strongly reminds me of the former Eurovision Song Contest contestant Michelle. The song is a really nice schlager track.

5. Nach Haus zurück

Nach Haus zurück is a song which I enjoyed to listen from the very first second. Gold’s intense, but also somehow warm voice feels to fit beautifully to this ballad, which just comes with decent piano sounds. Luckily, the producers concentrated on the lyrics in here and did not create a too kitschy one here. Towards the end of the song, it gets a bit more powerful.

6. Du warst mein Freund

Hard to believe that the album gets stronger, gets more intense than at Du warst mein Freund. The song, which translates to “You have been my friend”, reminds of a beloved one Vivien Gold lost at a traffic accident. The song feels so painful, so desparate. Amazing!

Du warst mein Freund, der durch die Wolken lacht
Du warst die Sonne, warst mein Kämpfer
So dunkel ist die Nacht
Wer hält mich fest und küsst mich jetzt
Du bist nicht mehr hier, siehst Du wie ich frier
Ich fühl mich so einsam hier.

(“You have been my friend, who smiles through the clouds,
You’ve been the sun, you’ve been my fighter.
The night is so dark.
Who is holding me and kissing me right now?
You are not here any longer, look how I am freezing
I feel that lonely here”)

7. Wir brennen wieder

Wir brennen wieder strongly reminds me of Helene Fischer’s Ich will immer wieder… dieses Fieber spür’n. The only difference is that Vivien Gold’s is much slower – and that the song is a bit turned down by the drum sounds. Still a nice schlager dance tracks – especially for the slower feet.

8. Herz läuft Amok

Vviian Gold is singing with some more anger and emotions at Herz läuft Amok (“Heart goes on the rampage”). I love that sound of voice. After the breathtaking Du warst mein Freund, these kind of songs feel a bit too thin. Bad luck, the chorus is not too bad, but the verses feel a bit too lame.

9. Teil vom großen Ganzen

Teil vom großen Ganzen is a song about an on-off long-distance relationship. It beautifully describes the up and down and the emotional confusion. Nice song.

10. Neonlicht

Neonlicht has the same ingredients like Mach die Musik ganz laut: a song about partying, a very present rhythm and an easy to get into textbook. I highly prefer the opener, but that one is not that bad.

11. Liebe auf Eis

Liebe auf Eis (“Iced love”) starts a bit slow, but the chorus has a lot of presence and power. The song keeps up with these dramatic breaks. Good listen.

12. 1000 kleine Wunder

Why not having a song at the end of the album to which you either can move your lighters aka mobile phone forth and back – or wave goodbye to the artist after a nice debut album? The rather slow 1000 kleine Wunder (“1000 small wonders”) starts very slow as a beautiful love ballad and then increases its instrumentation and adds slow drums at the end. 


Vivien Gold – Gedankenkarussell – Spotify

Here is Gedankenkarussell on Spotify:


Vivien Gold – Gedankenkarussell – My View

I feel that overall, Vivien Gold did a really nice debut album. Some downs prevent a really high rating, but especially the thoughtful songs in the middle of the album and some of the schlager disco fox classic sounds definitely do create a lot of fun. Glad that I picked that album for a review – worth listening to it, for sure.


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